Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Major issues

Yeah I went. All I can say is this: Manzoku! (Japanese for 'Happiness all the way to the roof'. )

Also, as expected, not much writing this weekend. Today is a holiday, so we'll see...

I just got back from an education conference in Nagoya. I expected to be bored out of my wits. But I actually enjoyed myself. However there were colleges there. And that's a bad, bad thing. Whenever I meet with college reps, I get pulled in a million different directions. See, I don't know what I want.

Or rather, I know exactly what I want. I want to be a writer. But we all know that writing probably won't support me until around my 5th book or so, if ever, and therefore writing is a second job. My problem is that I don't really want to do anything else. How can I pick a day job?

I know I'd love to study. Not entirely because I want to further any particular part of my knowledge. I happen to like school: the culture, the people, the buildings, the library, the clubs, the studying. Yeah, I'm that sort of nerd. And I know I want to be on campus, and not online, after all, see where studying falls on the list.

But I don't know what to study.

The contenders:

MFA/MA Creative Writing/Writing for Children

-Well, duh. I definitely want to be a writer. MFA can't hurt, especially if I manage to stay out of debt :)

-1, 2, even 3 years dedicated to writing. Just saying it feels like I died and went to heaven.

-Migrating to London or New York, where the 2 residential programs I'm most considering, are.

-And work where? My mother would give me mounds and mountains of grief for a masters that didn't guarantee me a job. Thankfully she hasn't figured out that the MFA is just that. Yet.

-I'm not really that into any part of publishing other than writing. I hate selling, so agenting isn't for me, and I hate politick-ing so I'll say no to editing as well.

-You don't need a degree to be a writer.

MA Translation/Interpreting
- I'm well equipped for the task, and the only thing that really stops me from being a translator is that shoe in the door.

-Once again London (and England in general) ROCKS for this degree.

-Don't need a degree to work in this field

-I only want to translate literary works. I have no desire to spend the rest of my life up to my ears in technical manuals and scientific journals.

MA TEFL/TESOL/Second Language Acuqisition
-I'm actually really interested in this subject, having gone through the process in various ways myself.

-With an MA qualification in TEFL/TESOL, I'd be welcome at universities in pretty much every non-English country in the world. You know that makes me swoon even more than the thought of meeting Orlando Bloom.

-I actually prefer teaching my foreign languages to teaching English. There's no challenge in teaching English.

MA French/Spanish/Italian

Did you notice I'm considering Italian? Which I don't have a first degree in, mind you, but which I love, love, love.

-I love foreign languages and would love to have an opporunity to use them again, besides Japanese of course, which I use more often than English. Apart from blogging.

-Opens the door to teaching French, Spanish or Italian at university. And since pretty much every university in the West teaches on of those, doors will open pretty much every where in the West.

-I'll probably end up in an English speaking country (yes, I know. That should be a pro, right?)

-I'll have to choose a language. I chose between French and Spanish 15 years ago, and I never want to choose again. My relationship with language is so different: my grasp on French is the best, but I have not desire to live in a French country; I love Spanish culture, but my Spanish is not the best grammatically; I have the strongest desire to be in Italy, but since I've only done a year of conversational Italian, I have like no vocab.

Not much to do with writing, but it was Monday (when I thought this up) and that's what's on my mind.


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Wow, you do have a lot of options and many of them are fascinating. Best wishes on making a decision (of course you could just roll the dice). ;)

Abby Stevens said...

I've always been interested in TESOL. That's one thing I'd like to do if my writing ever made money - go back for my master's, in either TESOl or Linguistics. Not because I need it, or that I'd even necessarily do anything with it, but because I just like learning, and hey, why not? Never, ever hurts to have an education. Good luck in choosing (and I agree about London - very awesome place)! ;)

Unknown said...

Well, whatever you decide to do, I hope you have great fun with it. You can always do something else if you don't end up liking it.


Marsha Sigman said...

You have too many choices.lol

Translator does sound fun.
I am in awe that you speak so many different languages.
The most I can say is that I've picked up a lot of Spanish words from Dora The Explorer.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Sounds like you have lots of choices, which is good. Consider being practical and finding something that can support your second job as an author. Then if you find you make enough to support yourself and have the basics like health insurance from writing,you can always quit the other job. Whatever you decide will be great.