About Me

My name is Claire Dawn-Marie Gittens.

My mother squished me out on December 15, 1981. Disgusting imagery, I know, but my mother delights in telling the story this way. I grew up in Barbados, in the English-speaking Caribbean. I'm really proud of my island. We're only a little dot in the sea, but we gave the world Rihanna, rum and grapefruit!

Right now, I live in Japan. It's interesting culturally and linguistically. Both are fields I absolutely adore. They're like my two great best friends. Language is that friend that I'll go to important events with and drink tea with my pinky held out, and Culture is the friend that I'll run screaming into the sea fully-clothed with. Not that I actually do either.

Some day, I'd like to be an author. Actually, I have a plan. Some day is right up there with tomorrow for it's non-existence. I've decided I'm submitting to agents in October, after I've fixed the issues we uncover at a Writers' Conference in August.

Wish me luck!