Thursday, December 9, 2010

Living the fairy tale aka blog stats

Born on December 9
Red Foxx
Dame Judi Dench
John Malkovich
Tre Cool (German drummer in Green Day)
my nextdoor neighbour :)

This week YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday was 6 words to describe you. I don't do the Road Trip Wednesdays because my Wednesday starts 13 hours before yours, and I've usually written my Wednesday post before I read theirs.

But here's my 6 words anyhow:

So much world, so little time.

Because so much of what drives me is the discovery of new things, places, languages, imaginary people (what? we're writers, aren't we?), etc.

Okay. On to blog stats.

Firstly, if you are not hype to Google Analytics, you need to get with the program. Before Google Analytics, I depended on comments to tell me how many people were reading and what the readers liked. Since I've joined the Analytics crew, I realise that there are 5,6, even 10 times as many readers as commenters.
(You can also get some stats on the STATS tab in your Blogger dashboard.)

Leading referals:

5. Google (organic)** = 8%
4. Twitter = 12% (and to think I didn't want to get on Twitter!)
3. Google (referal)* = 14%
2. Direct = 20%
1. Blogger = 26%

And thank you to follower, KO, who all on her lonesome has managed to generate 1% of my blog references!

*Referal means clicking on a link.
*Organic means it was a random search in a search engine.

Most popular posts:

6. What King of the World? 3 % of page views
5. Stephanie Perkins on Talk Back Thursday 3.5% of page views
4. All Over The World 4.1% of page views
3. Kathleen Ortiz 12% of page views
(This post got 150 views in a single day. It was the most active day my blog has EVER seen. Thank you, Kathleen!)
2. Points of Clarification homepage
(Not an actual post but blogger counts it. )
1. Prince Charming

Actually, lets come back to that.

Top searches
In 3rd place there's a 4-way tie among:

Elise Allen Populazzi, Crime in the 80's, Feegles and Punky Brewster. What a combo!

2. Iwate Swan. (Joanna asked who he is. For the newer followers he was a JET teacher here in my prefecture who vlogged about his life in Japan. He died suddenly in January of Pancreatitis.)

1. Prince Charming. More than half of the people who find me in search engines, find me through a variation of that concept!

So, as you can see from the search terms and page views, my visitors have been driven by non-writing related things: anime, fairy tales, the 80's, etc. I guess it pays to mix it up. I'm sure 99% of those people were disappointed when they didn't find what they expected. But a few have stayed and I'm glad to have them.

Oh, and in case you wonder, what's the strangest search term that's led someone to my blog, that would be 'breast shapes'



Joanna St. James said...

oh my world, I think my Blogger stats is broken for now, I have not been able to access it, I did a post about Alexander Skarsgard - Eric Northman in true Blood and it just keeps on driving people to my blog, its crazy.

E.J. Wesley said...

Sorry about the 'breast shapes' I thought it was a different site ... :0)

GA is great, but can cause a little neurosis with all of the info it provides. I grew to hate Tuesdays, all because of Google analytics.

Abby Stevens said...

People find my site a lot searching for Taylor Swift lyrics, lol, although thankfully most of the searches leading to my site are actually for me!

Colene Murphy said...

Breast shapes huh? I must have missed a saucy post at some point!
I LOVE Statistic BUT my blogger stats have been down since beginning of November for some reason. It has been such a frikkin BUMMER! I hope they fix it soon but...I don't hope too much.

Great post!

Marsha Sigman said...

Ok I have to get with the program. And how did I miss 'breast shapes'? Like I totally google that all the Not really.

Elana Johnson said...

I love your six words! That's exactly how I feel. I want to go everywhere, taste everything, see everything. Maybe one day...