Thursday, September 1, 2011

Loving Literacy Blogfest: Win a Kindle

Remember how I told you September was going to be bigger than weekly book giveaways?

September 8 is International Literacy Day (and my Daddy's birthday, which is why I remember it). Books and literacy have done so much for me, that I felt like I needed to do something big to celebrate.


Model: 3G + WiFi Kindle.

I was tempted to go the cheap route (because I need to be less of a spendthrift), but I didn't for two reasons.

1. The least expensive Kindle route includes ads on your Kindle. I don't want ads in my books. There are ads every-dang-where else.

2. This Kindle (and the DX- the one I have) provide free Wireless and 3G coverage worldwide* (check Amazon for caveats). And you know how important "internationality" is to me.

If it's not good enough for me, why should it be good enough for anybody else?


In honour of International Literacy Day I'm hosting the Loving Literacy Blogfest.

BLOGGERS, enter by adding your blog to the linky thing and posting 400-600 words on any topic to do with literacy.

NON-BLOGGERS, email me your 400-600 words on any topic to do with literacy, along with your desired "display name" and your state/city/country.

(Anything you tie back to literacy is ok as a topic: Why I love books more than movies, Why there should be more literacy programs in 3rd world countries, How popular books are a great way to convert "non-readers", How books are the least expensive avenue to different worlds, etc.)


I will select my five favourite posts and, YOU, the awesom-est of the awesome, will select our winner by a vote. :)

Voting is also open to everyone, but there'll be a scale in favour of pre-contest followers.

Voters can only vote for one of the five entries.

And if you enter, and you want to campaign your friends, that's totally kosher.


SEP 1-8: Enter your link on this post.

SEP 8: Post or email your Literacy Day entry

SEP 12-16: The entries go up, one a day on my blog.

SEP 19-23: Voting



This contest is open to everyone, everywhere Amazon will ship Kindles. (Pakistan crew, I'm sorry they don't ship there.) If you're in an exempt country, you're welcome to use a friend's address in another country, but you might want to make sure the shipping thing isn't your country's restriction as opposed to Amazon.

Looking forward to reading the posts. :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's a great prize! I can't believe the cheap ones have ads. How annoying.

Marsha Sigman said...

This week has been so insane! I would totally do this if I had the time, Claire. What a great contest.

Sidrah said...

awww.. this sounds great, I would have loved to participate but ..well, maybe another time =p