Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Year of Living Write

Happy New Year!

I'm in Miami! Tomorrow I fly to LA, then Tokyo. Had conversations in French, Spanish and Italian tonight. And being home was fantastic. I'm a happy camper.


The Year of Living Write

You may remember last month, for Le Rejectionist's uncontest I posted some resolutions. There were originally 9, but I've axed two.

A quick recap
1. Save money.
2. Advance my WIP every month.
3. Take a novel through the full pre-query process.
4. Read one book a week.
5. Vary my reading
6. Review every book I read.
7. Give away a book every week.

After re-reading my resolutions, and considering that I'm finally going ot be attending my first paid conference in March (knock on wood) I've decided not only to make resolutions, but to dedicate this year to taking my writing as far forward as possible and setting goals to that effect.

I haven't figured out the exact goals yet. But I know that I'm going to spend my entire year making my writing "boldly go where no [writing] has gone before." Yeah, I dream big :)

How's about you guys? Any big plans for 2k11?

PS. Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for an interview and the first giveaway of the year. And don't forget there will be a giveaway EVERY WEEK here.


Alleged Author said...

Have a safe flight back! I plan to not allow writing to take over my life. Missed too much of 2010!

KO said...

happy travels! These resolutions look amazing. I hope to just keep trucking along with writing.

The ultimate goal is --> agent and publication, but I have to focus on
the small steps--> writing more and better,
or I go nuts.

Jon Paul said...

I'm still working on mine too.

BTW, I just wanted to stop in and say thank you. I'm celebrating my blogs one year anniversary today, and you were a big part of why I kept with it--particularly in the early days.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks! :D

Abby Stevens said...

Weekly giveaways sound pretty amazing! Best of luck in your year of living write!

Marsha Sigman said...

If you stopped in Houston you could visit me!!!

I am going to find time to write more this year. That is really my only resolution.

E.J. Wesley said...

Hey Claire, what conference are you going to? That's on my list of 'to do' as well.

Happy New Year!