Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For my Writer Friends

It's a chore, writer friends, it's a chore

To plug away at the keyboard when your friends head out the door

To thir parties, to their movies, to their lives

You try to remember those days and it breaks you out in hives

But you press on, 'cause you yearn for so much more

Still, it's a chore, writer friends, it's a chore

It's a pain, writer friends, it's a pain

When loved ones ask, "Why do you do this again?"

And you know the book is sucky and you want to watch it die

And your CP said the wrong thing and you only want to cry

You'll never get an agent or a deal, you'll go insane

Deep inside, you know it isn't true, but it's a pain

Dry your tears, writer friends, dry your tears

You are the bravest soldier, to show the world your fears

And hopes and dreams and loves, while the rejections pile high

You've got the skill and the will, it's just a matter of time

It'll be worth all the sleepliess nights and worried years

Give us a smile, writer friends, dry your tears.


Natalie Aguirre said...

Great poem. You capture it all so well. It really shows your talents as a writer.

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Colene Murphy said...

Ha! That is brilliant.

Sidrah said...

not gonna give up =*
great poem!

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Boundless Technologies said...

Truly the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly.


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