Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's all been done before

That doesn't mean you can't do it just as well, or even better. Today on Time Travel Tuesday, we're hitting up some remakes.

#1a If I Could, John Prine, 1997

#1b If I Could, Sunny Sweeney, 2007

#2a Heart of the Matter, Don Henley, 1989

#2b Heart of the Matter, India Arie, 2006

#3a Life Is a Highway, Tom Cochrane, 1991

#3b Life Is a Highway, Rascal Flatts, 2006

#4a (Can Anybody Find Me) Somebody to Love, Queen, 1976

#4b (Can Anybody Find Me) Somebody to Love, Anne Hathaway, 2004

(PS, It's a sad day when "Somebody to Love" in the youtube search, brings up NOT Queen, NOT Anne Hathaway, BUT JUSTIN BIEBER! But this comment on the Queen vid almost made up for it. "God, give us back Freddie Mercury, we'll send You justin bieber instead." )


Michael Offutt said...

Justin Bieber is probably the most popular person in the world right now. I think if he does anything, it's going to come up in a google search. And don't ask me why this is /rolls eyes (it just is).

Alleged Author said...

This also holds true to writing. Everyone thought Anne Rice would be the "end all" for vampires. Now look at all the stuff we've got to read!