Thursday, March 10, 2011

Here Lies Bridget- Review, giveaway, winner

The winner of If I Stay is...


Judit, send me an email at muchlanguage (at) gmail (dot) com and confirm your address.

This week up for grabs, HERE LIES BRIDGET by Paige Harbison.

I discovered this book when I signed up for the
Story Siren Debut Author Challenge

Quick Summary:

"All I could think about was how sorryeveryone would be when they found out." That's what Bridget is thinking as she does fifty-five into a curve.

Bridget is queen of her little world. But when Anna Judge arrives at her high school, suddenly she's not so popular, the teachers don't fall over themselves to excuse her, and her stepmother doesn't let her walk all over her.

My one bad thing:

I mentioned this yesterday, in the setting post. Overselling your setting. Statements like, "We're supposed to enjoy drinking in high school," (not an exact quote) kept popping up. And it drew me out of the story and made me feel like the book was written by a 97 year old. Like I said, when you are a part of a group, you don't keep mentioning it unless you're talking to outsiders, or being purposely patriotic. Think about it, how many times a week do you say the name of your country?

My one good thing:

The mean girl who doesn't know she's mean. The personality theorist in me loves this! Mean ppl are a dime a dozen in teen literature. But they're always carefully calculating how to be evil. Bridget is calculating, that's for sure. But she doesn't realise that the things she does hurt others.

And that made it so real for me. Because there are people who set out to e evil for fun. But more often they're just painting the world with their own brush and don't notice that it's clashing with everyone else's.

Open internationally
Followers only
Answer this question: If you had a friend who was mean to you, what would you do?

PS. Forgive me, I didn't mean to do two books on death in a row. It just happened that way. Looking for a happy book for next week. :)


Aleeza said...

ive already got the book off netgalley, so i dont think its fair to enter...but about the mean girl thing...i sort of wrote a whole post about it here yesterday, and its embrassing how stupid i was in the past. however, faced with the prospect of mean girls now, i would never tolerate it and tell 'em to shove it. its just not worth it. :)

Sana Castellano said...

I so want to read this.! =)

Alright, so if I had a friend who was mean to me, I'd find out why she's mean - probably something in his/her life is not well. If I found out, i'd try to help out.
I don't think someone would be mean all the time and still have friends, every one has a bit of good in them.
As for the really mean people =) I try to stay away.

Abby Stevens said...

If my friend was consistently mean to me, they probably wouldn't be my friend anymore. If they were usually nice and it was a one-time thing, I would talk to them about and hope to get to the botton of the issue. Thanks for all these contests, Claire. :)

jbchicoine said...

Okay, I just gotta say, being a Bridget, I find the cover just a bit disconcerting, lol!

Michael Offutt said...

The feet on the cover are perfect though. Very clean.

Pam Harris said...

This sounds great! I had a few "mean" friends in high school, and I used to always cry to my mom about them. Now I won't even friend them on Facebook. :P

Colene Murphy said...

Ooo, sounds pretty darn good, Claire! Though, I can see where that one bit would be a little irksome...

Sidrah said...

I want to read this one for sure =D sounds fun!

Mean friend is your worst enemy. Okay so if my friend starts being mean to me, first I'd try not to freak out, I'd talk to her, ask why she's upset with me (maybe she's being bullied by someone and is taking out on me)and let her know how I feel. I'll try to be patient and things will work out sooner or later. Besties again, yay!

But if nothing works and she is being totally like Regina George I'll just move on and make new friends (who, hopefully, wouldn't be mean)

Cheers =)

P.S. earthquake in Japan =| how you doing?? God bless!

Judit said...

Gosh, Claire, I just heard the news. I hope you are OK. My thoughts are with you...

The Slowest Bookworm said...

New follower here ... just realised you're in Japan. Have been following the news this morning on the BBC website. Hope you're safe!