Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Idol- Time Travel Tuesday

Apparently it's that time of year again. I say apparently because US and world pop culture is so removed, it might as well be on Mars. Anyhow, thought I'd run you through the last nine years with hits by the season winners. Enjoy!

2002 winner, Kelly Clarkson. BREAKAWAY is a 2004 song which was featured on the Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack. (I missed this entire season being in the military :( )

2003 winnner, Ruben Studdard, The Velvet Teddybear. Here's his cover of I NEED AN ANGEL (2004).

2004 winner, Fantasia Barrino. Her most popular offering was probably WHEN I SEE YOU, 2006. (I remember this season for the crazy upsets with Jennifer Hudson and Latoya London.)

2005 winner, Carrie Underwood sang BEFORE HE CHEATS in 2006. It edges out JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEL as her biggest seller. (Can't help feeling like there's a societal comment in there somewhere.)

2006 winner, Taylor Hicks, sang DO I MAKE YOU PROUD in the same year.

2007 winner, Jordin Sparks. Her biggest hit, NO AIR, a duet with Chris Brown was released in 2008.

2008 winner, David Cook, sange TIME OF MY LIFE that same year. (This is the last season I saw, since I moved to Japan in August.)

2009 winner, Kris Allen. His cover of The Script's LIVE LIKE WE'RE DYING charted in 2009.

2010 winner, Lee DeWyze singing on Finals Night, BEAUTIFUL DAY. (Apologies for the volume.)

Do you follow Idol? Remember all the winners? All the upsets?


Liza said...

I watched for four years and then stopped. I got sucked in last year...and promised myself I would NOT, NOT, NOT, this year (too much time invested in TV instead of more important things.) But I had to check out Steven Tyler, who cracks me up, and then the talent this year is so amazing...well I don't know...Lord help me, I'm going to try to abstain this week.

Aleeza said...

okay, okay, wait--live like we're dying is a cover of the the script? have i been living UNDER A ROCK? seriously!
and i didnt really become an idol fan until the season with kris allen in it--season 8, methinks? i really can never remember. i watched a huge portion of the season-in-which-lee-dewyze-won, but then the whole final episodes aired during my finals so i couldnt watch them. boo-hoo.
lovely post! how much time do you spend embedding all those videos?! im amazed.

Sidrah said...

noooo never have =o
i Love Kelly Clarkson and David Cook =D