Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review and Giveaway- 31

Hey guys!

Did you miss me??? I missed you. But being offline for 6 days has worked wonders. Even though I worked 14-18 hour days at the conference, I feel more relaxed. Go figure.


The winner of last week's giveaway of



Sidrah! It's on the way, Sidrah.

This week's giveaway is...

Massive fail on my part for not getting to this book sooner. I came late to the Courtney Summers party. I read SOME GIRLS ARE last October and even though I loved it- despite generally not being a fan of cheer-leader books- I still didn't pick up another book by the author.

CRACKED UP TO BE follows Parker Fadley, the perfect student. Only now she's not so perfect. She's taken to drinking, her grades have slipped into the abyss, and she's shoved her boyfriend out the door. The book starts with her trying to mend her ways just enough that they let her graduate, but not so much that her friends and family want to associate with her.

It's confusing at the start, because you're not sure what happened. All you know is that Parker has been drunk before. Including at school. In fact, while the main story is what is happening now, the story that I couldn't wait to unravel was the one in the past. What happened to Parker to make her like this?

This week we're going to play a little differently. :)

To win a copy of CRACKED UP TO BE:
Please send me a list of your ten books for inclusion in the 100 books Every Writer Should Read. (Your list will also make you eligible for that giveaway.)
If you've already sent me a list, just leave a comment saying that, and I'll count that as your entry.
OPTIONAL: Pick up an extra entry by spreading the word (blogging, tweeting, facebooking) about the 100 books, and comment to say you did. You can also comment on the 100 books page with the linky for an entry into that contest.
Contest open internationally, to everyone including non-followers.
Contest closes on Wednesday at 11.59 pm EST.



Sophia said...

Plot and Structure got here yesterday, yay! I've already dipped into the idea gathering section again.

I've sent in my list to you, although of course since then I've wanted to switch items in/out about a dozen times. How's the list coming together? I've had a link to your original post asking for people to send in their choices in my sidebar since you posted it; I can't wait to see what the community comes up with!

Sidrah said...

Yay, thanku, Claire! =)

Have sent you the list and tweeted =)

S. said...

Sounds like a good book =D
I have already sent you the list.
I love your giveaways.

S. said...

Also, I have tweeted. =D
Claire, how has staying offline for 6 days worked wonders?

Natasha Areena said...

Sent ! Would love to read Cracked Up To Be. Thanks so much :>

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