Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review and Giveaway-34

As I mentioned before, this will be the last regularly scheduled giveaways. That doesn't mean there won't be giveaways from time to time. As I looked through my options for today's giveaway, I realised there were several books I hadn't got to give. And I want to. So, stay tuned...

First, last week's winner of



Congrats! Email me at muchlanguage (at) gmail (dot) com with your full name and address.

Now, for today's giveaway.

From Goodreads:

Manhattan It Girl Riley Swain is no pudgy wallflower. She's brash, bold, fashionable, and yes, fabulous. Riley has no qualms about kissing her best friend's crush, or bribing her dad's lawyer. But this spring break, Riley's dad and wicked stepmother are shipping her off to New Horizons, a two-week fat camp in upstate New York. And it's miserable: like military school without carbs. But then Riley gets to know adorable Eric, who sees beyond Riley's tough exterior. Soon, Riley might just realize that maybe it's not her shape that will change at New Horizons. . . but her heart.

My take:

I'm always complaining about how any "other" character always has to have an issue with being "other". Finally, a book with a fat chick who's happy. (Please note: I'm not a phat and proud type who thinks morbidly obese is fine, but Riley isn't morbidly obese.) Riley is fabulous. In a "nothing in the closet is last season" sort of way. She's the sort of person who you always notice when she walks into a room. She's strong-willed and (mostly) knows what she wants. Fantastic character!

I did have a fairly major issue with the book. There is quite a bit of "Edward Cullen" creepiness going on. And somehow, all that stuff is even more creepy when it's not a vampire doing it. That said, the difference between a sweet obsession and a creepy obsession is a fine line. And frankly, if someone was like that to me, I'd probably ignore the creep factor. (Sadly.)

Tell me your favourite strong, secure (preferably YA, but not necessarily) protagonist.
Open internationally, followers only.
Open until Wednesday, 11.59 pm EST.

Good luck!

PS, Literacy day coming up and the next contest has to do with that...
PPS, Anyone know where to find the Mr. Linky things so people can sign up with their blogs, a la blogfest style?


Unknown said...

My fav strong female lead is DJ Schwank from THE DAIRY QUEEN. She's a chick who tries out for her HS football team.

Liza said...

Oh yahoo! Thank you Claire! I've emailed you with my address. Thank you so very much!

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

That book takes the cake for the most pink I have ever seen on a cover.

S. said...

My favorite is Olympia Biddeford from Anita Shreve. =)
She is 15 years old and she falls in love with an older man. She grows up. It is amazing.

Sidrah said...

Mine is Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter series. She's smart, brave, loyal, mature and organized. She has saved the day several times. If it wasn't for her am sure Harry would still be battling against Voldemort =P

Lord Mark said...

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