Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review, Giveaway -32

The winner of one copy of



Natasha Areena!

Congrats Natasha! Email me your full name and address at muchlanguage(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll get it right to you.


I'm going to be discontinuing the weekly giveaways at the end of August. Honestly, it's a bit exhausting. I have to read up to 3 books each week to figure out what to giveaway. I have to write a review. Or contact an author, get a response, and write an interview. And then there's actually imputting addresses and ordering prizes. I knew it would be tiring, but I promised myself to stick with it if I had a lot of interest. But most weeks, it's 5 or less entries.


There's another reason why I'm discontinuing the weekly giveaways after August. I have some really, really special I'm going to do in September. One lucky, lucky person- follower or not- will have the chance to win HUGE. And YOU, my fantastic Honey-bunches, are going to get to choose who that person is. STAY TUNED! Something wicked, this way comes!


Firstly, the cover blurb is awesome. You immediately get a taste of Brooklyn Pierce. She makes bad decisions- except not really. I mean you wouldn't think having a party would end in burning down a model home, right?

Brooklyn is so convinced that everything she touches will turn to mush that she decides to put her entire life in the hands of her blog readers, and promises to follow whatever decisions they make. It actually takes quite a while to get to the whole "start a blog" bit, and normally I hate when books do that- advertise something on the back and then there's a whole chunk that doesn't do it. Except Brooklyn's story pulled me in so completely that I wasn't impatient.

Add in a stellar supporting cast- a best friend that's a bit of a twat, the requisite super sexy love interest, a new friend and a crabby old lady- and you've got yourself a winner!

Like Brooklyn, I make a lot of bad decisions. To win this week, tell me:
What's your relationship with decision-making? Do you like it? Do you make good decisions? How do you react to the bad ones?
This week is followers only.
Contest is open until Wednesday 11.59 pm EST and international as per usual.

Good luck!


Sidrah said...

aww... A surprise. Nice! =D I'll miss the weekly reviews and giveaways.

I always have trouble making decisions.. even if it's about choosing a pair of shoes.. or say spaghetti or macaroni? It matters. I don't like it =/ =p

Take care =)

Kate Scott said...

Oooo, I totally want to read this book. I hope I win. I hope I win.

Okay, making decisions, I change my mind a lot. I'm a huge daydreamer. Yes, a lot of what I make up is totally fiction. But I also spend a lot of time thinking about my own future. I make up elaborate stories about my future self that I know will never come ture, they're just fun to think about. So whenever I have to make a big decision, I've usually already thought about all the possible outcomes in great detail. It's usually pretty easy for me to pick a path and move on, I just spend lots of daydreaming time second guessing myself farther down the road.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Not entering to win - I'm just in awe of how many books you read a week!

Bee said...

I want this! The idea of a blog-led MC is very exciting. Heh.
I'm mostly a spontaneous decision maker, but after I've made the decision I start worrying about the consequences. So, ugh, I'm kinda bad with them

Sophia Richardson said...

I'm sorry you're discontinuing your weekly giveaway, but it's totally understandable now that we've heard a bit of what goes on behind the scenes to make it possible. You gotta do what's right for you! I'm so intrigued about what you've got in store for September.

Sana Castellano said...

OMG - so excited for the surprise. =D
I ll miss your giveaways! *sniffs* but i am sure you do need the time =)
as for the question...
decision making hasnt been THAT difficult for me if it is abt big things - i just follow my heart... but it is the lil things that make it tough to decide like weada to buy this book or that, get a cheese pizza or donut. lol =p now i just pick any at random. not worth wasting the time.