Friday, May 28, 2010

Characters to crush on and ARCs!

There are two ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) up for grabs: Of all the stupid things and You Wish. Check them out.

Nathan Bransford posted last week on what literary characters you have a crush on (I'm almost caught up on the blogosphere! YAY!) and I know I've had tons of literary crushes but it took a minute to remember. My long term memory sucks.

Here's my list (not inclusive):
Sirius Black
Jacob Black (Twilighter and proud! Totally not a Twihard though. That's just ridiculous:)
Naruto (If we count manga as literary and I do :)
Legolas (Both in the book and in all his Orlando Bloom splendour)

That list makes it sound like I only read/watch Fantasy or only like guys in Fantasy. While this is not true (I think) I can't recall any others right now.

Anyhow, that is totally not the point of this post.

It got me to thinking. For me characters are the most important thing. I mean Plot Matters. For sure. But I like more character-driven genre: slice of life, coming of age, humour, wit... except for the fantast binge. Even the anime I watch every week. I watch Naruto because I love Naruto (the character) and I watch One Piece because I love Luffy. Characters are what keep me involved in a story.

What makes a good character? Well, I could get all technical- but that's not really my thing. The best measure of a good character is that audience sees him or her outside of the pages (or the screen). Whether that means that they want to b%*#h-slap them, hug them, hang out with them or plant a big wet one on their marble lips. (lol)

Howz about you guys? Plot or character?

And, what characters do you crush on?

And for the writers among us, are your characters crushworthy?


Amparo Ortiz said...

As I writer, I believe in a healthy balance of plot and character, but I prefer to read character-driven stories.

My list of crushes in ETERNAL, so I won't bore you!

Let me just say that I second your love for Legolas--that elf is da bomb :D

Marsha Sigman said...

I think I'm more plot driven, because I believe if you do it right it's the subtle nuances of how a character handles the plot that tells you the most about them.

I also have a serious crush on Legolas...and Gandolf cause I like old guys.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

You had me at Legolas. Although Aragorn--not to be sneezed at.
I'd have to say character is most important as long as something happens to develop the character and make us worried about him (her). I've never been drawn to movies and books that are all about action with minimal character development.

Natalie Aguirre said...

I think it has to be a combination of plot and character. Otherwise the story won't work. And my crush is on Aragorn, like Tricia.

ElbieNy25 said...

I am character driven and from reading my MS you know that about me. My crushes tend to me from the movies, but I'll say my newest literary crushes are characters from my Critique groups.

Tommy from "Shards of Glass"
and Oliver from "Alpha Chip Protocol"

As far as my characters, the friends of mine who have read my first MS all have their individual crushes. I think my boys are crushworthy, not my girls so much.