Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shower every day- Momm

Time for Monday on my mind. It's 2.30 pm on Tuesday here, which makes it 1.30 am in NYC, but at least it's still Monday in California, so this is what's on my mind. :)

I swear my brain makes the wierdest connections.

Today's inspiration comes from Terry Pratchett's WINTERSMITH:

A feegle

"Feegles on the Chalk tend to rely on the fact that you can only get so much dirt on you before it starts to fall off of it's own accord."

How I wish I could have told my mother that as a kid. I had a chlorine (we theorise that it's chlorine, but that doesn't really make sense because it's not as bad in pools as in the shower) allergy. It's kinda still around, but it doesn't flare up anywhere near as bad these days.

But this quote also made me think of something else. If you leave things alone, they'll eventually fall into place. Take babies for example. It's quite common for parents (and other adults around babies) to spend their time enunciating their words at the children, and showing them how to crawl and walk before they learn how to do it on their own. Maybe that helps them to learn faster, but if no one paid any attention to whether they were walking or crawling or talking, babies would still eventually imitate the adults anyway. We know this because they imitate the things we try to hide from them - like cuss words :)

So why help them if they're going to figure it out anyway?

Because it's in our nature. Because we like things in the superlative- the fastest ways and the best and most efficient. These days, good enough isn't good enough.

So why do we settle when it comes to our own accomplishments? Why do we aim to pass tests and not ace them? Why do we produce a bare minimum at work? Why don't we reach above and beyond in our daily lives?

And for the writers among us, why don't we submit our best work? Why are we happy to send in first or second drafts that are just ok? Why don't we study the craft, and polish our work until it's so sparkly that agents and editors are blinded?

Are you going to wait for the dirt to drop off on it's own? Or would you rather shower every day?


Marsha Sigman said...

I love this and it is so true. No more waiting for the dirt to drop off on its own.

ElbieNy25 said...

I can only answer for myself, but I don't put in the effort because I don't think it's worth it anymore. For years I busted my hump giving 110% at jobs only to see others who did the bare minimum to pass by get promoted above me simply beacuse they were drinking buddies w/ the boss or kissed enough ass.

I became jaded and disheartened. I know these are my own issues I ahve to work through, but eventually you grow tired and lose the fight because the ends no longer justify the means. The ends= mediocre job, mediocre life...

Neil Alvin said...

Good question Claire but I have to agree with what the person above me (Elbie) said. Why? I've experienced that myself firsthand along with being told stories of other experiences. Idealistic? Not even sure but I will say I wished in this world the hardest workers got the biggest rewards!