Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh freaking monkey bladders!!!

I decided to attend a writers' conference to bring my writing up to par, before I attempt to gain entry into an MFA program. So I emailed an excerpt from my latest work, Fire Bearer, to a conference director. Here are some juicy tidbits from her reply.

"especially the gripping excerpt from Fire Bearer, with tremendous interest"
"I'm very curious about the scope of the novel project, and would love to see a synopsis of it if you have that available"
"I guess you can see that I'm just interested in you and your work, which is largely where these additional questions are coming from."


How I feel:

Even a bit:

How I hope to feel when I calm down:

Anyhow, I'm gonna leave you fine folk now and head off to my silent shrieking (at work).

Btw, I got in for the conference, just in case you wondered. :)


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