Monday, February 1, 2010

Just Can't Do without it! (MoMM)

Today, the internet went down at work for half the day. We spent the entire morning arguing about who should go and ask the Supervisor what was up. (Our Supervisor is- um- "interesting", so, short of the world imploding, we avaoid having to go ask him anything. )

Anyhow, by the end of the morning, my male colleague, C was going stir-crazy, and I'm sure that my female colleague Ss and myself weren't too far behind.

I know you're going to wonder about internet use at work. Well, here's our situation. We (and many others on the JET program) have a non-teaching day. On that day, we go sit in the Board of Education. We aren't required to do anything, just give them 8 hours of our lives. We've all had times we wished we could get paid to do nothing, but let me tell you it gets old fast.

So today, we were stuck in our office, with no internet.

And it occurred to me, how important the internet had become. And it also occured to me that 15 years ago, most people probably spent less than hour online, just checking their mail. Heck, many people didn't even have email!

How much the world can change in a relatively short time!

Human nature I guess. After all, you go through your whole life on your own, and then sob your heart out for days, weeks or months when you break up with your significant other. Cuz when we get used to something, we just can't do without it!

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