Monday, August 29, 2011

The Whole World but Me

Ever feel like the whole world is doing/loving something, when you're either totally lukewarm about it, or despise it vehemently? It happens to me so often, I wonder sometimes if I fell off another planet.


Coffee doesn't seem to have the same effect on me that it does on most people. It doesn't make me sit up and open my eyes, or if it does, that's not enough to cover the fact that it tastes absolutely vile. My dislike of coffee is particularly apparent in the novelling world, where authors are always on about their morning shot or chugging a jug to stay up and get that scene right.


In fact, my non-response to coffee extends to all the caffeinated stuff. I spent two years at a US military and the philosophy was basically: you can stuff yourself full of carbonated beverages, as long as you stay awake in class. But even when I was chain-drinking Mountain Dew- the most potent non-Coca Cola thing on campus- I would fall asleep. I've even managed to fall asleep while STANDING ON PARADE!

When I'm sleepy, I will fall asleep. That's just how it is. Weirdly enough, I'm also a periodic insomniac. Go figure.


One of my best friends is always trying to get my right to be a female revoked because I despise cheesecake. And chocolate cake. And icing. I'm not really a fan of cake in general. Or ice cream, especially if it's not rum and raisin or a crazy Japanese flavour. So when I see movie characters get depressed and down a tub of Haagen Dasz, it does nothing for me. I'd much rather have Muesli.


Also not a fan of spicy things. I think I don't like foods with strong tastes. When I lived with my mother, I'd sometimes eat plain ramen or plain spaghetti and she and another best friend would accuse me of not having taste buds.


I can't explain this one. I just don't like milk, which is why I don't really like ice cream, because it melts and tastes like milk. I get most of my calcium from cheese, or masking milk in other foods like omelet.


The first non-food entry is to proclaim my hatred of all things 'i'. iPhone, iPod, iPad. I guess I feel like it's more technology than I need. And I feel like there's someting else less hi-tech or that I already own that does everything the 'i' stuff does.


On the same note, I'm not a big fan of smart phones. I don't need to spend my day in chat rooms, when I'm faced with real people who I can really chat with. My cell phone here is a Disney phone, which gives me the cool advantage of having an @disney email address. Like most phones in Japan, you can read books on it, scan bar codes, convert currencies, look things up, etc. I use my phone to send and receive calls and messages. All else is just fluff to me.


I like blogging, and I'm just getting into twitter. I also have a personal facebook page. But sometimes I feel like there's just too much network-y stuff in the imaginary world and not enough in real life. So when people tell me that I need to get on [insert social media here] I'm like, not gonna happen. I blog because I enjoy it. My twitter is 99.9% professional. And facebook is to stay in touch with the other foreigners in Japan (since were so sprawled all over) and friends in other parts of the world. I'm not on facebook to spend all day on WhateverVille. And I don't tweet to tell you about all the inane nothingness in my life. That's not to say that I won't occasionally do either. But that's occasional. And I don't need more than the blog/twitter/facebook combo to do it on.


Money is strictly a means to an end for me. So money in the bank is never worth more than a trip to a country I love, or better yet one I've never been to. Apart from an absolute obsession with Adidas, I'm also not worried about brand names. And even though I love Adidas, it only extends to things it's relevant to. Like I'll be Adidas sneakers, because I want proper foot support while running. But I couldn't see myself owning Adidas perfume (perfume is another thing I can't stand, that lots of chicas go for) or Adidas toothpaste, because there are very many other brands that will do exactly the same thing for half the price.

How about you? Is there anything the whole world seems to be caught up in that is so not you? Are you totally accepting of it, or do you struggle with it? Do your friends and acquaintances try to drag you over to the dark side?

It's Monday. That's what's on my mind.


Marsha Sigman said...

I suspect you may be some sort of cyborg.

I get the coffee thing because it's an acquired taste. But chocolate?? Spicy foods?? I live off these things.

I do totally agree with the social networking/phones/higher tech. It's a little overboard. Also I hate perfume...of any kind. It actually makes me gag.

I have friends that try to drag me out of the house to those Pampered Chef parties/tupperware parties/and jewelry parties. I hates them.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've involved in a couple social sites, but blogging is my main thing.
And I admit - I dig hot wings and spicy food!

Natalie Aguirre said...

I have to admit I'm a total coffee addict.

I haven't gotten into Twitter yet. I already spend too much time on blogs and not enough time in face to face relationships.

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