Monday, October 3, 2011

Story Land

Friday, September 23rd was a holiday here: Autumnal Equinox. I had just gotten back from Tokyo with my school trip. And I had to work (yes, on a holiday) for the Kindergarden sports. So when my neighbours/colleaguse asked what I was doing after sports, I said:

I'm going to read some books, watch some movies, and sleep.

I meant to do that on Friday afternoon, and for the rest of the long weekend. It's been a little over a week and I'm still doing it.

I get up on mornings at the absolutely last possible minute, get ready and go to work. I sit at my desk and read galleys (books before they've been released. One of my fave things about reading on the comp is that it looks like I'm doing work) until I have to teach. Then I teach a class or two, read some more galley, go home, eat some dinner, watch a movie, read a book, sleep.

I spend an absolute minimum of time on the internet. I don't make any of my work stuff any more complex than it has to be. And even so, my perception of work these days is that it's the amount of time until I can get back to Story Land.

Eventually, I'll probably need to return to the real world. Maybe. But for now, living in Story Land is perfect. :)

It's Monday, and that is, strangely, what's on my mind.


Sidrah said...

looks like you're having a good peaceful time =)

Jon Paul said...

Ahhhh Storyland! I remember it well.

Yeah, the computer has become my go to device--and I think I've been on a bit much lately--but work hasn't let up in awhile, so I am not able to emulate your idyllic lifestyle.

But a guy can always dream, can't he?! :D