Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 goals in review

This year, I actually made some resolutions. Before moving into 2012, I wanted to review how well I've done with them.

A quick recap
1. Save money.
2. Advance my WIP every month.
3. Take a novel through the full pre-query process.
4. Read one book a week.
5. Vary my reading
6. Review every book I read.
7. Give away a book every week.

1. Er, yeah. Pro: I've saved more money this year than in 2010.  Con: It's still not that much.

2. While I did write a lot more, I did not advance a WIP every month. On the other hand, I did complete a few shorts this year, and had one non-fiction piece appear in an anthology. My fiction will be out in an upcoming Japan YA anthology in March.

3. Lol. Still have not completed an edit, or had a full critique or anything. Maybe this year.

4. Finally, a category I dominated. Not only did I read a book per week, I finished the year on 116 books!

5.  I made a real effort to vary what I read
-   76 books were Young Adult
-   10 books were Middle Grade
-   11 books had MCs of colour
-   8 books were Chick Lit
-   5 books were classics
-   1 book was a picture book
 and some randoms.

6. I did a fairly good job of reviewing most of the books I read. There were a few I didn't review, because I felt pretty middle of the road about them.

7. I did not give away a book every week. But I did, considering the October Insanity, manage to give away 52 books. 1 PER week. I hope that the winners all enjoyed their books.

Here's looking forward to another fantastic year. I'll be back soon with my 2012 goals.

Happy New Year folks!

PS, It's already the New Year in Japan. I've been up to the temple and rung the gong. And also I've already fell off the road into a snow-covered ditch, because who can tell where the road ends and where the ditch begins under all that snow. Off and running :)


Liza said...

Happy New Year Claire! As one of your book recipients (Write to be Published) I want to say thank you! It's a fantastic and helpful book, not to mention fun. Wishing you all the best in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your achievements!! Your resolutions sound a lot like mine (or ones I could reasonably make, like saving money), so I know how difficult they are to keep... ;)

Sophia Richardson said...

Yay for 116 books read, and for all the reviews. I find it crazy that you gave away 52 books this year: you're so generous! Way to share the book love. Congrats on doing so well with your goals, and I hope this year goes as well for you.