Monday, December 5, 2011

Theory of Relativity

I am sick. This time it's gastroenteritis - some of you might call it stomach flu. I had to get a drip on Thursday. Loads of fun when you consider my freaky veins. I ended up like a pin cushion. Anyhow, two things happened which got me to thinking.

The first was on Friday night, when I went outside in 2 degrees Celsius (34-ish Farenheit) and rain to buy a drink. When I opened the door and saw the rain, I thought "What if I catch the cold?" Then I almost laughed. A cold? What's a little sneezing when you haven't consumed anything more singificant than apples and bread in 2 days?

Then there was Saturday morning. I woke up hungry. So I boiled 1 egg. It took like 5 minutes to eat the whole thing, but I did. And I almost danced for joy. The only reason I didn't was because I thought it might upset my stomach. A single boiled egg, but in that moment it could have been the Jack Daniel's steak at TGI Fridays.

Everything's so relative. Any other day a cold would have derailed me, but right then, it was nothing. Sometimes the bad things aren't really that bad.On the flip, every day there are so many little things that we do that we don't stop to appreciate. There's just no way we could live like that.We can't stop to smell every single flower any more than we can blow off the bad things every day.

But I can do it for one day. Today.

Today, I'm blowing off my sucky/non-existent plotting, my dislike of description, my editing inability, and the fact that it's taken me this long to take a couple baby steps in the writing world.

Today, I'm happy to have a nice, loud VOICE, characters that jump off the page, 4 complete MSs in various stages of revision, the awesome guys and gals in my critique group and SCBWI Tokyo, and you amazy-wazy lovey-dovies that read this blog.

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Anonymous said...

That's great, and so true! I hate being sick so much, every time it happens I promise myself to never complain again when I'm healthy. I'm the kind of person who tends to appreciate all the small things of life, though, which I always thought was one of the reason why I'm not a hard-worker, but more of a peacefully contemplative sort.

Glad to hear you're better! :)