Monday, December 19, 2011

My Next Thirty Years

I spent the last week celebrating my 30th birthday by exploring the essence of me. It was an interesting experience. I think in writing it down on paper (or typing it out on the keyboard) I came to understand a little better who I am. I highly recommend you try some day to think about the word and concepts that make up YOU.

Feel free to go back and check out the posts if you missed them. But here's a quick summary.

I am a:

Child of God
Child of Fate
Child of Regret
Child of Dreams
Child of Love
Child of the World
Child of Extremes

I'd like to thank everybody who stopped by and read, commented, and/or left warm wishes. You guys make an important contribution to who I am.

I may the only woman on the planet in this boat. But I'm loving 30. I may have made a mess of lots of things, but I've accomplished some some crazy sherbet. And so I'll leave you with my theme song for the next year (maybe the next decade).

Thanks again for indulging me.
Dank u!

(Random side note: when I search Wandanamaru, half the results that come up are on my blog. Funny that. Also, it's Telugu, a South Indian dialect, in case you wondered.)


Sidrah said...

Hey happy birthday, Claire =) hope you have a wonderful year ahead.
Reading the posts I missed.

Here are a few YA books which I thought you make like.
-His Dark Materials series
-The guitar girl by Sarra Manning
-If a tree falls at lunch period


asiamorela said...

Happy belated birthday!!

I was traveling on Thursday so I missed your proper birthday. But yes, thinking about the things that make *you* is bound to be an interesting endeavour... My next birthday is 25, also a symbol of some kind, so I might steal this great idea from you! ;)

Dana Sease said...

I really enjoyed this series of posts, Claire! Happy belated birthday, and I hope & pray your next 30 years are even more blessed and full of adventure. :)