Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's too cold to blog when...

You know it's too cold to blog when...

Your dirty dishes freeze together.

You forget an apple in a bag for a month and it doesn't go bad. 

You keep water in the kettle to boil in case you need to defrost the faucet. 

You have to defrost the washing machine drain before every use.

The fridge is warmer than the inside of the house.

You forget to put your gloves back on after your shower and your hands go numb before you even get out of the house.

You have to defrost your towel and the clothes you intend to put on before you shower.

You have to shoulder-ram the shower door open. 

Your suitcase freezes to the floor of the entranceway and you have to chisel it off to get out of your house.

You keep your toothpaste and deoderant in the fridge to avoid freezing.

Sorry about yesterday's lack of blog. I'll be up and running for sure next week, when I go back to school and have internet in a room with a temperature above 0 Celcius.

PS. These have all happened, but a few are from last year. So far this winter, I haven't had to defrost the washing machine, or put the deoderant in the fridge. Random fact: It's colder in my house on mornings than it is outside!


Sidrah said...

I love winters =D In Karachi it's very mild, though. Nothing freezes outside the refrigerator =p

Sana Castellano said...

wow. i thought i had it bad in winters. =p i hate the cold water on my hands. but i am thankful for water.