Monday, January 30, 2012

Still cold

Hey honeys,

I hope you've missed me :)

The reason for the disappearing act is that it's still cold. Like -16 Celcius (3.2 Farenheit). INSIDE. I'm now at the point where all but one of the running water outlets in the house are frozen. (Toilet bit the dust this morning.) I've given up on cooking since there's no water in the kitchen. I don't wash clothes since I've no intention of turning half the house into a skating rink again.

By the time this cold snap is over, it will have been 14 days in a below freezing house. I've only got to make it to Saturday when we get up to a fabulous 2 degrees Celcius! YAY!

I'm sorry, but when it's this cold, it's really hard to think about anything else. It's Monday, that's what's on my mind.


Asia Morela said...

Oh my God!! :( Good luck going through this, or getting it fixed somehow?

Marsha Sigman said...

What the hell??? Get a plane ticket and come visit me! It was 71 degrees today. Thats Farenheit.

I hates the cold. Stay bundled up!!!