Thursday, January 19, 2012

We love what we're not

You're probably sick of me droning on and on about the fact that I'm watching Gilmore Girls :) I'll try and be better about it next next week. But today, I was thinking about why I'm so into it.

I'm witty. Hang around for more than 10 seconds and you know that my brain makes all these crazy leaps, that make sense after you've seen them, but never before. (Like yesterday's post about Monsters Inc. and writing.) But what Lorelai and Rory are that I'm not, is subdued, controlled. They've always got a witty comeback, and they choice to use it, rather than the easier response of shrieking, talking too loudly, or saying, "WHAT?"

I'm a lot of things, but I'm not controlled. And I'm definitely not subdued. I'm a funny person - in person, if not online - but my humour is more like a less irreverant Katt Williams, than like Juno. Humour jumps (loudly) out of my mouth as fast as it jumps into my brain.

So one thing that I really love about Lorelai and Rory, is that dry humour. That ability to just drop a one-liner and leave it alone. That's so not me. And I love it for that.

I don't think this is some earth-shattering revelation or anything. But I hear, especially in the YA world, lots of talk about people needing books about people like them. It's not always the case. Sometimes we need stories about things we're afraid to be, or would never do in a million years. Sometimes we want to read about people who we could never be like in a million years. It's okay to wish we were different sometimes.

Sometimes we love what we're not.

(PS, Sorry if I'm too philosophical this week. I'm in a cloud and can't seem to find my way back to practical earth. :( )

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Ben said...

I think most people love what they're not better than what they are. It's a mechanism called desire. It's what makes human being long to get stronger and better.