Friday, August 27, 2010

Back 2 Skule and INSANITY! Rulez

I'm back at school this week. I had 2 days of Junior High and today I was at my small elementary. I should be at the other elementary tomorrow, but we've been given the day "off" to go judge and English speech contest 2 towns away.

I've been having a blast with my kids. And I've got some jems for you from junior high.

On a dialogue:
"I've got two tickets to Pakistan today. Would you like to come with me?"

Q&A time:
What's your favourite fruit?

Do you play the flute?

Today at tiny elementary, I only had to teach for 20 minutes. I spent the rest of the day talking to Haruto about Naruto - yes, I have a student named Haruto and he's actually a Naruto-aholic - and talking pictures of intra-mural swimming.

I love my job!

This weekend is my town festival. Hopefully, I'll have a ton of great pics for you guys next week. :)

Also, here's how this round of INSANITY! will work.

1. Each contest goes up at 12.01 am JST, I believe that will be 11 am EST, and you can enter to win until 11.59 pm EST. This gives you 37 hours to enter. Be glad I'm in a time zone 13 hours ahead of most of you.

2. You can win a maximum of 2 days per round of insanity.

3. Last time, I restricted INSANITY to followers of my blog. My reasoning is that I want to reward you guys that come here every day and listen to my randomness. But I also don't want people who wander in to feel obligated to join. I like to think we're all here because we want to be. So this time around, I'll be mixing it up. Days 1 thru 3 are open only to followers. On the last two days, everybody and their grandma can win.

Good luck!

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