Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Taylor Swift - TTT

The Time Machine isn't going very far back today. Partially because I'm exhausted, and partially because I had the most amazing concert experience this weekend.

Taylor Swift had her start back in 2006. Or rather, that's when she started singing. She'd been writing since she was 14. It's probably not cool to be 28 and totally love Taylor Swift. Whatever! I do. So there :P She's about a lot of the same things I am, and her music makes me happy. She makes me believe in horoscopes, because we are that much alike and born 2 days (and 8 years) apart.

Today Was a Fairy Tale is her most recent single. It's on the soundtrack of Valentine's Day, and it totally encapsulates how I felt after seeing her live!

Taylor wrapped up her set on Sunday with her fourth single, from 2008, Picture to Burn!

Our Song (2007) was the first Taylor Swift single I ever heard, and I was hooked!

I'm such a romantic! How could I resist the ultimate Love Story (2009)?

It's not every day you get to ride off into the sunset on a White Horse (2008)

Sometimes I fly so high, I'm Fearless (2010)

One of my faves, because I love the concept and I love jumping around like I'm crazy!!! You Belong With Me (2009)

By the way, I'm back in my town now, so I should be back poking around on your blogs soon. Yay! But I'm off again on Friday... lol!

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Postman said...

I have to admit, she's the most listenable (and photogenic) of all the country stars I've heard of. Pretty cute, too, which is a big plus...and she's a crossover hit. I was standing outside the Irish National Museum and I heard a little schoolgirl singing "Fearless."

Rather moving, as I recall.