Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Sonic 2k10

Here are the highlights from Summer Sonic, the music festival I went to last weekend.

Here I am with another Bajan friend. We were just sitting around at the dance stage listening to some Japanese chick whose name we couldn't pronounce while we waited for K-Os.

30 Seconds to Mars' lead singer invited anyone who crowd surfed onto the stage. It was crazy!

Dancing to Beyonce's Ego.

Then I gave up Nickelback and headed back to the Dance Stage for Eve, but she cancelled. WAAA!!! I caught a bit of Keri Hilson, before heading over to the Marine Stage for...

JAY-Z!!! That tiny person in the right hand corner- that's Jay. You can also see him on the big screen.

Quote of Day 1: Egyptians have big meat!

Day 2!

Jason Derulo was too sexy for his shirt. I missed most of Orianthi on a bathroom break - the line was stupid long- and forgot to take a pic when I got back.

Omigosh! A Rupee towel!!! Rupee, for those who don't know, is a Barbadian one hit wonder who sang, Tempted to Touch. It went to number 1 on Billboard Dance charts and was on the soundtrack of one of the James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) movies.

I was minding my own business in the Ladies line, when a samba carnival wondered by.

This giant Beach Ball belonged to a Korean boy band, Big Bang. If you'd asked me before I came to Japan about things I didn't expect to do here, playing with Korean balls would definitely have made the list ;)

After getting moshed half to death during Sum41 (seriously a fully grown male body hitting you in the back of the head when your neck was inflamed days before is not fun), I finally made it to the front.

Security doesn't let you take pictures to protect the artist's privacy. That's the most ridiculous excuse I've ever heard. They're on stage. If they wanted privacy, they'd stay in their house! Anyhow, I couldn't take any pics at the front. So I don't have any pics of A Tribe Called Quest, Taylor Swift or Stevie Wonder.

I am a Taylor Swift-aholic, so I really enjoyed that. (Random fact, Taylor travels with her own mike and stand.) At the start of the set, a guitarist threw a pick and I caught it, but I gave it to the girl behind me who seemed to be swooning even more than me. I was thinking that had to be enough good kharma to get me through the rest of the year. But by the end of the set, I was kinda thinking maybe I shoulda kept the pick. Then Taylor's Mom came around.

Me: You're Taylor's Mom aren't you?
TM: Yeah.
Me: Nice to meet you!

She handed my two Taylor Swift bracelets: one brown, one black.

Me: Thanks!


Then it was time for Stevie Wonder! The honest truth is that I was looking forward to Taylor Swift more than Stevie. Don't let the black people know, they'll revoke my right to be black! As I told you, Taylor's music speaks to me. But I appreciate the greatness that is Stevie Wonder and I felt a little lightheaded just breathing the same air as him.

The girls who'd been behind me finally made it to the front when they guy next to me left (including the one I gave to the pick to). Turns out their ex-pat Japanese-Americans. We talked for a while and then one of them decided to add me on facebook. She asked what I was doing here, I told her teaching. She totally thought I was a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT!!! Yay for my parent's super-young genes. Although I'll be grey in 4 years or less. :(

Stevie brought out his oldest son, Montaz, probably in his 20's, to sing with him, and introduced his 2 youngest sons at the end. I was surprised that he walked on by himself. They'd clearly measured the stage very carefully. Stevie Wonder's management is badass too. They told the concert organisers exactly where they could have cameras (even offstage) and where the photographers could stand and when they could stand there. It was amusing to watch. :)

Here's the set-up for Stevie's 10 member band, not including the 7 member Asian Drum section or the Japanese choir, or the 3 backup singers.

Exhausted and grungy, but super happy.

Any excuse for fireworks in summer in Japan, but I think this awesome festival was reason enough to celebrate.

Quote of Day 2: That was totally worth fainting for!

Bye Bye Summer Sonic!また来年!I hope next year is even awesomer! My wish list, Rihanna, Shontelle, Katy Perry(who was supposed to be there last year), Michael Buble, Brad Paisley, Lily Allen and Eminem. Among others, but I don't want ot be greedy.


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That's a lot of acts! Sorry you weren't allowed to take photos up front.
And don't worry, I would've felt grungy, too.

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