Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rinse-Repeat and the return of Insanity!

First off, there are contests everywhere! I guess that's what happens when you follow pretty much all industry blogs and the lead fall books get released.

Kiersten and Natalie are both giving away PARANORMALCY and Kody is giving away THE DUFF.

And, next week, the INSANITY returns!!!

If you've joined me in the last 2 months, you probably don't go what that is. To make a long story, short, it's where I go psycho and give away books every day for a week.

This time, I've had some authors helping me out! Writer people are the ROCKINGEST!!!

Now, on to the Rinse-Repeat test.

From the time I was a kid, I could watch the same movie (or tv show or music video) over and over and over. 'Til everybody else in the house was climbing the walls. But I've never been able to do that with a book. My friends would re-read their faves when the movie adaptations were coming out and I- I just couldn't.

I'm almost ashamed to admit the first book I ever re-read. Stephenie Meyer's New Moon. Because I hadn't read the series in so long, I couldn't remember the details. (I didn't re-read Twilight, because it's in Barbados, but all the rest of the saga is here.)

From then on, I haven't had a problem re-reading books, and I actually want to re-read them. In fact, when I read Lee Nichols' DECEPTION last week, I tried to start a new book (actually 2. In two different languages!) but I just couldn't. I didn't want to let that book go. So I re-read it. That's right. I read a book. Loved it. Put it down. Picked it up. Read it again.

The second time around, I noticed how intricately woven the plot was. I could see where things hinted at certain facts, but they were like Jack Sparrow’s island – you could only find see them if you already knew how to get there.
And as I finished the book, satisfied for the second time in as many days, I thought about all the movies I’ve seen that have failed the Rinse-Repeat test. After a couple screenings, I see continuity issues, plot issues, all kinds of stuff. I don’t mind. Moviemakers probably don’t intend for people to watch a film 50 times –before you ask, yes I have- and there are a lot more ways for a movie to go wrong than a book.

Books, on the other hand, need to be as good the second and third and fourth times. For me at least, or the magic unravels. Infact, the more I read a book, the more everything should come together, not fall apart.


Sarah Enni said...

I think this is so true! I have always been a big re-reader, but now that I'm reading as a writer that second time is much more important. The first time through I am loving a book, the second time through I am learning from it.

The only movies I re-watch are silly (like Bring it On!) or amazing (Harry Potter, all of them.)

Henya said...

Re-reading is a good idea, since I forget most of the books I read. (Iread so many of them).

Marsha Sigman said...

OHHH, that is so true! I can rewatch movies a hundred times but only the ones with happy endings.

It's the same with books and it has to hold together!!!

Alleged Author said...

I only buy books in hardcover that I will read over and over. I wear The Stand has been read so many times it needs a laundering!

Claire Dawn said...

Sarah, I'm a Bring it On-aholic too (The first one and the third). Since I started thinking about the craft of writing so much, it takes a lot for a book to pull me in. And for one to pull me in twice!!!

Henya, that's so true.

Marsha, I see we're still twinsies! :D

AA, that's a good idea. I should start doing that.