Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lu-lu suck to my lu! Momm

Hey hey peoples!

It's Monday! So, it's time for (da da-da dun!) what's on my mind. I've just got a quick thought for you.

A little while back, I did a series on personality. I told you I'm an ENFP (Myers-Brigg). One of the traits of the ENFP is "perfectionism."

Until reading that, I'd never thought of myself as a perfectionist. I've been back and forth about whether I'm an ENFP, because of this and other discrepancies. Then I read a different description of the ENFP's perfectionism: "Either you're awesome at something, or you don't do it at all."

And that's me. If I can't be awesome, is it really worth it?

You see the problem with that? I only try with things I'm a natural at. And when you really think about it, if I'm already a natural, I really don't need to try at it. The other inherent problem is that there are some things you're meant to suck at. Everybody wobbles on their first try at riding a bike, snowboarding, skating, pogo sticking (is that even a word?) but some stick it out to become Olympic Champions.

And if they'd never stuck it out, the whole world would be worst off!

Are you like this too? Do you prefer to not do unless you can do well? Are you depriving the world of the next Jennifer Hudson? Or even the next William Hung? :)

What are you afraid to suck at?


Alleged Author said...

Sometimes I fall into the trap of not trying anything because I'm afraid I will fail. I am at bit of a perfectionist and it bleeds into my writing. But we must try more things to get better at the stuff we feel we could fail at in life! Maybe I will try water skiing...okay...maybe not!

Claire Dawn said...

Go on and try that water skiing! Just do it out of range of anyone you know who might put you on facebook or youtube ;)