Tuesday, September 7, 2010

90210 - TTT

Time Travel Tuesday guys!

Normally, I dedicate this space to music, but last Thursday was the September 2nd, 2010. That's right 9.02.10. (By the American system at least.)

I couldn't post my 90210ness due to the INSANITY, but better late than never right.

Here's the original theme of the original Beverly Hills, 90210, courtesy of CBS.

Do you remember the Douglas Emerson character, Scott?

PS, Why does David's shirt look like pyjamas?

You might be more familiar with this theme from Season 2 and 3.

When I was growing up I wanted to marry Luke Perry. Or at least have my way with him :)

Here's the Brenda-Dylan-Kelly mess?

Oh, is that Clark Kent, I spy? Bet you didn't remember that!

And this is Brenda's going away. It includes all the characters up to that point except Dylan (Luke Perry) and Kelly (Jennie Garth).

Ack! The clothes! And I'm not even a fashionista!

Who didn't want to hang out at the Peach Pit?

Last year, I was in my Tokyo hostel and an episode came on. We were all in our late 20's/early 30's and we all flipped.


After watching though, we realised how corny it was (it was one where Dylan begs Brenda to come back). I guess it was like a 21st century horror flick fan watching Excorcist. I mean, that stuff was cool at the time, but we've seen it a million times by now.

Beverly Hills 90210, as Jay Asher pointed out, changed teen tv. It was one of the first to touch on topics like drugs and sex and suicide. Teens were no longer supporting characters on family tv, like The Brady Bunch. And it made an attempt to really represent teen issues. For a while. Before it turned into your average soap.

How about you? What show could you just not miss in your teen years? What show did you really connect to? What show changed your life?


Anonymous said...

I watched the old 90210 and I do find myself liking it better than the new one!

Jen said...

A girl after my own heart!!! 90210 was definitely on my list!!! California Dreams & Saved by the Bell was also on the list!!! Who could forget Melrose Place either!!!

Oh the memories... I think I'm going to adore Time Travel Tuesday!

Claire Dawn said...

Yeah, I loved Saved by the Bell too!

Amna, the old one is better. But the new one isn't bad.

Marsha Sigman said...

I personally think Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel (spinoff) changed my life.lol

But I really loved 90210. But sorry...didn't love Luke Perry. For me it was all about Brenda's brother, Brandon. Jason Priestley was so fine.

Clarissa Draper said...

When I was young in Canada, we had a show entitled Degrassi Jr. High and Degrassi High. It touched on issues such as suicide, teen pregnancy, and everything school related. It was really popular in Canada.


Claire Dawn said...

Clarissa, I vaguely remember Degrassi! That's one of the perks of growing up Caribbean, we got little tastes of Britain, US, Canadian, and Australian tv- among others. Was someone working at a radio station in it? It was on after I was too old to really folly it.

Claire Dawn said...

Marsha, that was the constant argument. Before Peeta and Gale or Edward and Jacob, there was Brandon or Dylan. lol.

Alleged Author said...

I always loved pretending to punch my friends during the theme song!