Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It's Time Travel Tuesday! Hang out to your ooze, Charlie, we're going mutant!

Last week I watched TMNT with my neighbours. I grew up in the 80's. It was like my childhood all over again. And then, Tahereh asked "Which turtle are you?"

I grew up loving the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As kids, me and my brother owned pretty much every TMNT toy known to man.

Theatrical trailer for the first movie, which I saw at the Drive In. I must have been like 9.

Do you remember when the turtles ended up in a club in the second movie? Vanilla Ice and Ninja Turtles? Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!

And the trailer.

One of my fave scenes was Splinter asking the brothers: Were you seen? And they all say no, and then he pulls out a newspaper with them dancing at the club.
And of course, who couldn't love Tokka and Razar? Which one's the ugly one?

And the trailer for III.

This one was just a tad weird...

Here's TMNT's trailer. TMNT was the CGI version that came out in 2k7. I think this is so representative...

Oh, and to answer Tahereh's question, I was all about Raph. As a kid, red was my favourite colour, and since I've switched to pink and purple, red is still essential. Also, Raph is all passion. And that's me. What's life without passion. So what if you get captured every once in a while (or twice or forty times), passion RULEZ!

Let me sign out with the 3rd trailer for TMNT. Isn't Raphie just the bada$$test? And so buff and smexy! Swoon! Plus, Patrick Stewart is a voice! Patrick Stewart is a voice! How is that not pure win?

"I love being a turtle!"


mizzlizzbeck said...

I LOVED this post! I was way into TMNT as a kid, and now my son is OBSESSED with Ninja Turtles! We have all three live action movies on DVD. The Vanilla Ice Ninja Turtle rap was so friggin' funny! I always like Raphael too, but Michaelangelo was my favorite. He was laid back and funny and ALWAYS scamming for chicks.

And PATRICK FRIGGIN' STEWART?! He's my old man crush, right up there with Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons. (I choose old man crushes based on their voices...I'm kind of weird) Great post!

Clarissa Draper said...

I loved that show. I used to love Donatello because his name was close to my real one and had all the TMNT stuff. Kinda sad really now that I think about it. But, whatever, Dude!


Claire Dawn said...

mizzlizz, yes to Jeremy Irons. *SWOON* Also James Earl Jones. That makes Lion King one of the sexy-voicedest movies of all time!

CD, I had all the stuff too. Maybe sad, but so much fun.