Thursday, October 7, 2010


Obviously, the fact that I posted a schedule meant that I would get sick and not be able to follow it. lol.

No worries it's nothing bad, just allergies. Making things like sitting up and opening your eyes fell like circus work since the dawn of time. And let's not get started on my scary sneezing.

It's October which means it's closer to impending doom ie winter. But which also means it's almost time for nanowrimo. If you have enough writing savvy to be hanging out on the blogs, you've probably already heard of nano, but just in case you haven't, here goes.

NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month.

It started about a decade ago when Chris Baty and some friends out in Cali decided, "You know what would be fun? Writing a novel!" So they figured out a word length (50,000 words) and gave themselves a month to do it.

So the challenge is to start a project on November 1 and cruise past 50,000 words by 11.59 November 30th. You don't have to finish the book in November, but I've found that if I don't it takes eons to get back to it.

For thirty days, you'll have writer buddies encouraging you
You'll be writing so fast you'll have to ignore the suck factor
You'll complete a first draft (or 50,000 words towards it)
You'll have lots of practice at things "real" writers do: not sleeping, not eating, forgetting that there is life outside your writing room
You'll write every day (or most)

You can find more info at
If you're already a nanner, my username is muchlanguage. Friend me, and I'll see you in November.

I'll be going dark this weekend. I'm going to the Japan's Writers Conference!!! I'll try and have a post for you tomorrow, and I hope to be back in time for one on Monday. Yay Conference!!! Psyched!

Oh, and one last thingie. I've got a sekrit project :) I've been hearing so many of my bloggy friends say that, and couldn't wait for the day I could say it myself. Don't worry though, I should be able to share it before the end of the month :)


Clarissa Draper said...

I'm going to be your blogging buddy!


Abby Stevens said...

Sekrit sekrit! ;) Have fun at the writer's conference this week!

Jon Paul said...

Claire--I'm Nano'ing this year too. My handle is jpcircusboy. I'll come buddy you. Looking forward to hearing about the conference!

Postman said...

"Scary sneezes"?

I think it's about time I got into this NaNoWriMo thing. I think I might go sign up. I'll let you know my alias when I do. THANK YOU for the wealth of information.

You HAVE to tell us about the Japan Writer's Conference. The most I ever did in Korea was go to a library.

Clarissa Draper said...

I can't find you... I think. My name is ClarissaDraper. See if you can find me instead.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm participating in NaNo so that I can complete the sequel to my upcoming novel.
I'll look for you - I'm under AlexJCavanaugh.

Tessa Quin said...

See you there!