Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Slip with caution

At the writer's conference last weekend, we were given prompts and 7 minutes to go at them. The presenter, Suzanne Kamata, author of LOSING KEI, give the exercise a twist, by choosing all Engrish/Japlish prompts. English and Japlish are both words the foreigners here used to refer to Japanese English, which is often hilarious.

The 4 prompts we had to choose from were:

1. A wonderful thing the shines you is here
2. Slip with caution
3. Sweet smell that can be played
4. I believe lions

Without further ado, I present my latest poem.


i see your heart
beautiful and strong
giving life and love
she's not worth it
Slip With Caution

fall hesitantly
not in one breath
notice the little things
worry about the big
she's not worth it
Slip With Caution

your smile
radiant confident
sure of things
which don't exist
you can't see how
she'll break you
til you
With Caution

my heart
on my sleeve
in your arms
i'll do my best
protect you always
no guarantees
Slip With Caution


Elana Johnson said...

I LOVE THIS. Slip with caution is my new favorite phrase. You = genius.

Marsha Sigman said...

I love this...for so many different reasons. It's the title of my ms that I am querying right And Slip With Caution could be the catch phrase for the plot! This is a beautiful poem!

Marsha Sigman said...

To clarify, SLIP is the title of my ms. I am having serious editing problems today.

Postman said...

Johnson's motion seconded. Brilliant poem. You need some music to set it to, some sweet smell that can be played.

Gut-busting post. I'm grinning a mile wide right now. Think I'll go pen my own version of "I believe lions"...