Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To infinity and beyond- Time Travel Tuesday

Ack! Bank holiday this week (Health and Sports day, if you care) has thrown off my days of the week. Not that they were very on last week either...

Time Travel Tuesday is usually where I go back in time with music or some other media.

But you know what? Time goes forward, not back. And I'm feeling all inspired since I got back from the Japan Writers Conference. It totally rocked! I'm going to give you guys a few tidbits tomorrow.

But anyway, I came away from it feeling all like this tiny indispensible part of a great big miracle. So today I share my writing goals.


Character development
Writing prompts
Re-reading earlier WIPs
Reading up on writing YA

Nano! ( which will take the place of all recreational activity- you know things like sleeping and showering and eating. lol)

I've done and won Nano 3 years now. The objective is to have 50,000 words by the end of the month. This time, my aim is to actually finish the book. I never finish in November. I wrote the first 50,000 words of WIP1 in a month, and the last 10,000 took almost 3!

Edit WIP1 Part 1.

So I'm (was) a total pantser. After several attempts to work with WIP1, I've finally realised what the problem is. It isn't a WIP. It's 2. So I'm going to cut apart the Siamese twins, and see if I can keep them both alive.


Produce a manuscript of publishable quality by October.

The Japan Writers Conference always takes place at this time. I want to have an MS in case there are any agent-y types this toss. And also because I felt kinda like a schmuck hearing everyone talk about their racked-up rejections and knowing I'm not even that far.

Submit short stories to Hunger Mountain. Although, I should probably write them first.

Get an agent
Get published
Be invited to present
Go on tour
Never forget who I am, and all the awesome people who've helped me (give yourselves a round of applause.)

All of these are in here because they don't have a timeline. The first 3 are dependent on other people so no matter how good I happen to be, there's an element of luck. Touring is conditional on the first 2. And never is timeless.

How about you? What are your writing goals for the month, the year, forever?


Abby Stevens said...

WOW, Claire. You have it figured out! Lol. I can't say I've got myself that figured out on paper, but maybe in my head... :)

Natalie Aguirre said...

You've got great goals. I've never done Nano.

I'm hoping to finish the little loose ends on my manuscript, finish my query, and work on my next book.