Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bijou to Yajuu (Beauty and the Beast)

I owe you guys some winners.

The two winners of the Banned Books Packages are:

drum roll , please...




Congrats guys. Hit me up at muchlanguage(at) gmail (dot) com with mailing info.

Last weekend, I went to see the musical, Bijou to Yajuu (Beauty and the Beast) with two of my neighbours, P and his wife, W. The best feel-good thing in the world is a musical, so I was on a high for the rest of the day, skipping across roads and stuff. lol.

Here are a few of the highlights. I don't have of the earlier shots because I wasn't sure we were allowed to take pics. The guy next to us was doing it though, so I figured it was safe.

Here's Gaston singing about himself as the swoony triplets and the rest of the town look on.

Trying to convince Belle to go to dinner. From Left to Right: Lumiere's girlfriend, Chip, Wardrobe, Mrs. Potts, Belle and Lumiere.

Be our guest! I love this song and it works so well on stage.

This song is not in the Disney movie, and I've never seen the English stage adaptation. The forks and spoons (and the kids in pyjama-looking things) are all elementary school kids form the area. 4 of my kids were in the play.

Beast fights off the "jazz wolves" and saves Belle.

Pretty much the entire castle was on stage for this dance number. (I'm so sorry I have no photos of the first number with all the villagers :( )

Mrs. Potts sings Ai no Tobira (Love's Gate). The English version is Tale As Old As Time. One of the sweetest songs ever written, IMO.

The Sugar!!! See the tiny person on the right. When Chip frst came out, he offered Belle a cup of tea, and asked if she wanted sugar. And out runs this 3 yr old. He was the cutest thing ever. The entire audience went, "Aw!"

Curtain call. Up front, Beast, Belle and the Prince before/after being Beast.

We ran into Mrs. Potts outside. She had the Sugar!. Isn't he a sweetie?

Kill the Beast!

Beast is human again. (If you've watched the Disney movie as much as I have, the Japanese won't stop you from understanding. lol) I love that he didn't notice Belle wasn't there until he asked her to look and see their true forms.

The finale! There's something about the end of a musical that makes you feel like you can fly. And the awesome song doesn't hurt either.


Aleeza said...

woahhh! cant believe i won!
anyway, the musical seems really interesting, especially with that japanese touch!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Thank you! :D I'm ecstatic, thanks!

I love the Beauty and the Beast story. I always wanted to go to one of the shows for this novel, but I couldn't find one anywhere in Peru or Spain. :( I'm gonna watch the videos you posted now. :)

ann foxlee said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun!! And oh my gosh, I LOVE the sugarcube! so cute :-)

I agree, there's just something about the end of a musical...

ps, my word verification was 'fighth'. Fights with a lisp? ;-)