Monday, March 1, 2010

Born to do it (MoMM)

So the performance in Tokyo was fantastic!

I did three pieces:

Maya Angelou's "Phenomenal Woman"

Original Piece "My Race"

And Original Piece " Yuh too sweet "

I was really nervous at the beginning and stumbled over one line of the Maya Angelou. I didn't quite nail the delivery of My Race. It was one of those pieces that was all about the rhythm and I had a little slip where I breathed in completely the wrong place.

The last piece was written in Bajan dialect, which is a form of Broken English we speak at home. It was essentially a love song, written in poem form, just talking about how wonderful a guy is. It was surprisingly well-received, considering how many Caribbean references and slangs it included.

I am not 100% comfortable on the stage. I always feel like I suddenly have to many body parts or like time is dragging out or compressing itself. But I love looking out at the audience. And more than anything, I love people hanging on my words, which they really did during the first and last piece.

After I left the stage, a few people came over and told me how they really appreciated the readings. I was euphoric. For just a moment, a small window in the eternity of time, I'd held a portion of the world population in my hand. It was beautiful. And I thought to myself, I was born to do this. I was born to share my words!

What were you born to do?

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