Thursday, March 25, 2010

Off days

I just realised that my posts this week are off. I posted Monday on Tuesday, etc. It's not because of time zones: I am ahead of most of the world from Japan, they don't call it "The Land of the Rising Sun" for nothing.

Monday was a holiday. And I spend the days when classes are out (kids still go to school for club activities) at the Board of Education. Every day at the Board is the same, so I didn't even realise til I started organising tomorrow's weekend plans.

Sorry guys. Hontou ni gomen ne!

PS. Why do teeth have nerves? So pointless. It's right up there with having an appendix :(


Postman said...

I enjoyed being in Korea. I was 15 hours ahead of the folks back home. I'd call 'em up and ask 'em "How're things in the distant past?"

[dumb question] Are your teeth hurting? [/dumb question]

dhyvd said...

Nerves in teeth would be useful if you want to develop vampire / knife-like teeth, and bite your prey just enough to draw blood, but not enough to kill them.

In that case, the tooth is sort of like a hand holding a surgical knife, and thus, nerves help a lot.

...but instead of doing this sort of stuff, we go to school with out early years, and thus the body tends not to develop special powers

.... unless you were kidnapped by ninja before age 5 or so, and trained until age 12 or so.

Murr Brewster said...

It gets worse. Women can get ovarian cysts with teeth and hair. Doesn't that seem to be overdoing it?

Claire Dawn said...

@ Murr, ew! The body is an unfair creature.

@ Postman, had a wisdom tooth extracted. Now my gum hurts, and so does my ear! The interconnectivity of body parts is another thing, I'm not loving right now. Oh, and yeah the time difference is fun. I like to tell my friends that we get the sun first and they can have my left overs :)