Friday, March 12, 2010

I'd like to thank the Academy...

So I got my first blog award!!!

It comes by way of Jon Paul, helicopter pilot just home from Iraq, inspiring blogger, and awesome writer.

The rules of this award are simple. Pass it on to (up to) 12 bloggers who brighten up your day, link to them in your post and then mosey on over to their pages and let them know.

My Blogosphere Sunshiners are:

Marsha Sigman - mild-mannered accountant by day, keyboard-toting writer extraordinaire by any-moment-she-can-spare
Natalie Whipple - transparent ninja author repped by Nathan Bransford, this anime-aholic and sketchmaster packs her blog full of advice for newcomers
Kiersten White- Repped by Michelle Wolfson, she's as paranormal as it gets under 5 foot 3, look for her book Paranormalcy in September. In fact forget that, go and reserve it online NOW! And it's Kiersten. K-I-E-R-Sten.
Jen/ Ex hot girl - always a hot girl in my books, Jen's weight loss blog also dabbles in photography and John Mayer.
Jewlia Goulia - Awesome has brown hair and a winning smile. And has lost 45 pounds since December.
The Intern underpaid and overworked, everybody's favourite intern dishes about life in the hallowed halls of Venerable McPulitzer.
Erin All glam and glitz, she tries to banish the gut, in a personal weight loss story.
Joe and Lydia Sharp have loads of technical advice for new writers.
Moonrat - providing editorial, publishing and writing advice, as well as being a walking library.
Carrie Harris- Grand Lord Snarf Zombie and author of No Pain, no brain: out in 2011.
Tawna Fenske- As glamourous a romance writer as ever drew breath, and twice as hilarious. Signed for a 3 book deal with Sourcebooks, her first book comes out in August 2011. Kiersten's Agency-sister.
Nathan Bransford- Superstar blogosphere agent. Also hosts forums on his page, so it's an interesting place to meet other writers.


Kiersten White said...

Aww, thanks! And thanks for the spelling. It means a lot to me when people pay attention : )

Claire Dawn said...

You're welcome. I know the feeling. People often spell me as British CLARE or American CLAIR and not French CLAIRE. So I make an effort to always spell and pronounce names right.

Carrie Harris said...

Woo! I have a new title! I feel kewl now!

And by the way? You spell your name RIGHT. I'm Grand Lord Snarf Zombie. I can make decrees like that. Everyone else is wrong.

Tawna Fenske said...

Hey, thanks so much! I feel so honored! When will my seven-figure award check be arriving?

Seriously, thanks so much! I appreciate it, especially since I've only been blogging for six weeks.


Marsha Sigman said...

Claire, sorry I didn't get over here sooner! Today has been crazzzyyyy. Thank you so much! You have no idea what it means to me that I inspire someone else...and you are totally awesome. I love your blog descriptions, there is absolutely no doubt that you are a writer!!

Lydia Sharp said...

Thanks, Claire!

Claire Dawn said...

Thanks for the decree, Carrie.

Tawna, really? Only six weeks? I guess when you're a writer it shows. :)

Thanks Marsha. I try.

You're welcome, Lydia.

Amy Holder said...

Congrats on your first blog award! Yay! It's well deserved!! :)

Claire Dawn said...

Thanks Amy!