Friday, March 12, 2010

Howaito Day (FoF)

White Day (Howaito in katakana- Japanese foreign language word script) is celebrated on March 14th. White Day is one of many Japanese mutations on Western culture. (Like spaghetti in hot dog buns, but that's another post :)

Now Japanese people love a celebration. Every day life here can get pretty dreary. As a junior high school student, you go to school at 6 or 7 and have club practice. Classes start around 9 snd finish about 3. Then you clean the school. Then at about 4, it's back to club til about 6. Home to do mounds of homework and you might be in bed by ten. Life only gets harder after JHS. So Japanese use every excuse to celebrate.

White Day is a response to Valentine's Day. In Japan girls give guys chocolate and presents on Valentine's. 1 month later on White day, guys are suppose to return presents to every girl who gave them something. Generally guys should give a gift 2 or 3 times as expensive as the one they received.

I really need to give out Valentine's. :)

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