Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Break in Transmission and Random 80's

My deepest apologies for disappearing these last few days. I was travelling. I thought I would have been able to give you guys a heads up on Thursday. Clearly, that was not the case.

I went to Okinawa (Japan's Caribbean) for the weekend. It was great- brown Japanese people, hisbiscus flowers, sugar cane, ukelele music, it kinda felt like Hawaii. (I've never actually been to Hawaii.) I had a bit of a fiasco coming back. I read the flight arrival time instead of departure time and totally missed my flight. $500 later, I ended up 100 miles South of where I'd planned to be and had to take a Shinkansen (bullet train) back to my prefecture to make it in time for work today.

Still, it was kind of tame, compared to my regular travel-ventures. lol.

But on a brighter note, I managed to pick up 6 new KitKat flavours! This means that the winners of The Sweetest Tooth contest are now guaranteed at least 7 KitKat flavors for their prize!

And now, back to regular Tuesday stuff. Some random 80's themes.

The Jeffersons 1975-1985. The longest running black sitcom! I always used to wonder what cho-rye-in was ("took a whole lot of cho-rye-in, just to get up that hill." lol)

David Hasselhoff and the coolest car I know! Knight Rider 1982-1986. Is it just me or has this theme song been sampled in a ton of modern songs?

Remember the dance of joy? Perfect Strangers 1986-1993. (This show had a spin-off that went on to become the 2nd longest-running black sitcom.)

Before there was Frasier, there was Cheers. 1982-1993, I think I was too young to appreciate the dry humour, but it's still some of my favourite tv lyrics ever.

Golden Girls 1985 - 1992. Can you believe Betty White is still acting?


ElbieNy25 said...

1. Movin' On Up is a timeless idea and song
2. The actor who did the voice of Kit was the same guy who was Mr. Feeny on "Boy Meets World"
3.Crazy cousins Larry and Balki (sp) spun off to Family matters. Harriet ran the elevator at the newspaper they worked at if I'm not mistaken.
4.My husband loved Cheers, I loved Frasier
5. I can't believe Betty White is still breathing!

Claire Dawn said...

You are right about Family Matters and Harriet.

Both Betty White and Rue Maclanahan are still around, but I don't think Rue acts anymore.

I also have no idea how to spell Balki. :)

And thanks for the trivia on Kitt/Mr. Feeny- which reminds me, the main character from Boy Meets World is the little brother of the main character from Wonder Years.

Marsha Sigman said...

One time while standing in a horribly long line at the amusement park here in Houston, a group of teenagers (like 6) started singing that song 'Moving on up' and beat-slappin' their legs as music. It was the most amazing thing I ever heard...wished I had a video camera.
The 80's bring back a lot of memories...in my mind I was so cool...and looked exactly like Pat Benatar.lol

ElbieNy25 said...

Yes Ben Savage (Boy Meets World) is the younger brother of Fred Savage (Wonder Years). I believe they played brothers in a movie about a videogame championship in the 80's. Ben also guest starred on the Wonder Years at least once.

Another sibling connection: Candace Cameron (Full House) is the younger sister of Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains)

志平 said...

great msg for me, thanks a lot dude˙﹏˙

Claire Dawn said...

Wow! I didn't know abotu Candace and Kirk Cameron.