Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lies-es and Suprises

Hey my lovelies,

Lots to tell you today, but first check out Tawna's post on how inappropriate jokes cause leather balls. :)

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled madness. Last week, you were supposed to try to pick the truth from a pool of lies. Here, finally are the answers.

I've eaten deer, rabbit, crocodile, snail, horse, ostrich and kangaroo.
FALSE. Last summer, as a part of my VOCK'd up weekend, I had Venison (deer), Ostrich, Crocodile and Kangaroo. I first had rabbit and horse in Colombia in 2005, and I've also had horse here in Japan. As a young impressionable school exchange student (15-ish) in Martinique, I refused to eat snail on principal, but I still ended up eating conch and sparrow.

I narrowly escaped arrest in Colombia.
FALSE. In Colombia, all males have a mandatory military service. I think you can get out of it if you go to university, etc. When you've done your service or been exempted, you get a document to say this. You're supposed to walk with that document at all times or, if you're a tourist, you have to keep your passport on you. One day, 2 of the guys from my group forgot their passports and were taken into custody. 2 girls had to race back to the hotel to get their passports before they got shipped off to fight the cartel or something.

While I was in secondary school I played netball.
FALSE. I despise netball. It's like basketball in stopmotion. EW! When I was in school, I played one of the greatest tomboy sports ever invented- field hockey. GRRR!

I met George W. Bush while training in the US Coast Guard.
FALSE. I met George Bush Sr. He came to the academy to do a lecture (which included a hilarious diatribe about broccoli- lol). I was walking across the campus when I heard a gun salute. I was stuck there, cuz you can't move during the salute. Then a train of SUV's pulled up. A bunch black, one maroon. SS guys hopped out, and he got out of one of the black ones. He nodded at me! Also in my CG days, I met Maya Angelou, Robert Ballard (who found the Titanic), Sugar Ray ( the band not the boxer- on a red eye to Miami) and narrowly avoided meeting Mark Curry in Colorado. Plus various important-y military types.

I have never been to a music festival.
FALSE. I went to Summer Sonic in Osaka last year. 3 days- 300 bucks- Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Keane, Ne-yo, Nine Inch Nails, Elvis Costello, Joan Jett, The Tings Tings, Solange, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, All American Rejects... I was HAPPY :) And I discovered that, I as a black person, CAN sunburn.

I have never broken a bone, but I did sprain my wrist once.
FALSE. No broken bones- no sprains either.

I have been to 15 US states.
TRUE. That's training in the military for you. During my time at the United States Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut, I visited 11 states, and 4 I got to on my own over the years. I've never been on the West Coast of the US though.

Noone guessed correctly. Truth is more boring than fiction sometimes.

Now for the Surprises!

As I told you guys, I'm all excited for April, so I decided to do some special stuff.

1. I'm going to have my first contest at the end of the month. The prize is going to be a supercool Super Japanese prize, so stay tuned.

2. Also, I'm introducing Talk Back Thursdays- a new interview feature on the blog.

3. I'm declaring April: Authors in April ( you know I love alliteration- although this is technically assonance) and I'm bringing you interviews with some amazing authors. I've currently secured two authors whose debuts come out later this year, and one New York Times Bestselling Author! (I was so psyched about these interviews that I couldn't sleep til 4 am last night:S)

Every week, I'll give you hints about the author to be interviewed, and I'll reveal the name on Wednesday. Remember the interviews go up on Thursdays.

Welcome to the beauty that is April folks. I really hope you enjoy!

Next week's author: female...


Marsha Sigman said...

AHHHHH this is so awesome!

You know you have really done a lot of cool stuff. I cannot believe you ate horse though.

I almost met Guns-N-Roses when I was 18 but I didn't know who they were at the time and I made fun of their tour bus to the their manager's face when he came in to pay for gas (I worked at an all night fuel center and it was like 2am). He was not amused. That is my luck.

I cannot wait for the interviews!!!

Amy Holder said...

I'm so bad at guessing truths! Ugh!!

I'm so excited for your Talk Back Thursdays and Authors in April interviews! Woohoo!

Neil Alvin said...

you make me not want to go to columbia anymore and LOL @ the link about inappropriate jokes, I have a huge grin from ear to ear

ElbieNy25 said...

What an exciting life you have led and you're still so young. I have a feeling the best is still yet to come for you.

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