Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009- Oh the Awesome Sauce Places you'll go!

Today, I'm recapping the totally awesome places I've been in 2009. It's been an awesome (and crazy) year, and I'm kinda wondering how 2010 is going to top it.

First off, thanks to the trains of Japan, which make my life a lot easier than if I didn't live in a train town. Even though the train to Dinkvilla (the proper name of my town) is relatively inconvenient, it exists, which is better than not having a train like some towns. The IGR is my train, the JR trains service most of Japan.

And of course the Shinkansen (bullet train)

I started the year out at home in beautiful Barbados.


I went cherry blossom viewing in Hirosaki, Aomori, Japan (1 prefecture North of where I live).

I went to Bangkok, en route to India.

I spent the first few days in India in Mumbai.

Then I flew my first (and only ) 5 star airline to Chennai.

I met up with the volunteers and we took the train to Eluru, Andhra Pradesh.

The toilet on the train.


I did a volunteer trip in India. The group I went with is called longitude. If you're interested in donating or volunteering, visit

This is KI Village (sorry the name is really long and noone uses it, so I forgot it) where longitude and Indian group ARV set up a feeding centre providing each child a boiled egg and a glass of milk every morning. Most days it's the only thing some of them eat.

Kids in GP (Gummalapadu Villlage) -where my team worked for most of the trip- playing with some of the volunteers.

The girls on the team, in donated saris.

India's caste system, illegal but noone enforces the law, so it still exists.


I visited Jesus' grave, Japan.



I went to pick up new JETs (Japan Exchange and Teaching participants) in Tokyo. Then I went to Summer Sonic, the crazy concert in my last post. Then I came back to Tokyo an dstayed in the cheapest hostel here- Khaosan. It was excellent and for only $18 USD a night.

John looks like he's about to turn into Agent Smith. lol.

A shop in Harajuku, Tokyo.

There was a Gundam in Odaiba, Tokyo for the month of August.

Then it was off to Hong Kong.

We flew through Taiwan, where Kim Possible is Ron Stoppable. lol.

The City and Victoria harbour, between Hong Kong and Kowloon, as seen from the Peak. There's an incredible sound and lights show, the biggest in the world, held every night at 8 pm. It's called The Symphony of Lights.

I went to Mme Tussauds to show former Presidents how it's done.

Then I showed Einstein a thing or two.

Off to Avenue of Stars.

Bruce Lee is from Hong Kong, and so is Jackie Chan.

I visited the biggest bronze Buddha in the world. And climbed the 8 million steps to see it up close. UGH!

On the Disney train. Hair is a mess. Haven't seen those shades in a minute. Wonder where they've gone....

Look who I ran into!

From there it was back to Japan, and I climbed Mount Fuji at the end of the month!

Flying the Barbados flag in front of the "Congratulations, you've reached the top of Fuji" sign.


A week of holidays in Japan coincided with my Secondary School best friend's birthday, so I went to visit her in Toronto, Canada.

We stopped by Niagara Falls, as we drove down to New Jersey.

And we hung out in New York City on Saturday night with another friend from school.


I visited a friend in Miyagi, one prefecture South, for Thanksgiving.


Perth- adventures in progress.

Can't wait for 2010!

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