Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WaW! Thirteen Reasons Why

I just finished reading Jay Asher's debut novel and New York Times Bestseller "Th1rteen R3asons Why" and LOVED it. It's the best book I've read all year, and probably in the top 10 I've read in my whole life! Yay Jay!

It might be a little morbid for some, but I'll start today's Write away Wednesday! with a quick synopsis, and hopefully you'll run out to the bookstore and find it.

Hannah is a typical teenager, until she commits suicide. But then Clay finds himself hearing her voice again. She's left a set of tapes containing her 13 reasons why. The book is a fantastic examination of the human psycological condition in general, and teenagers in particular. Must-read, for all who are socially-minded.

In honour of Jay Asher's wonderful creation, I present MY 13 reasons why.

13 reasons why I write:

1. From the time I was an itty-bitty tiny tot, my nose was always glued to a book. As I grew it was only natural for me to think about becoming one of the people who create those worlds.

2. It would be such an honour to share the same profession as timeless wonders like Tolstoy and Tolkien and to share bookstore shelves with contemporary icons like Rowling and Coelho.

3. I love telling stories. I love creating a world all my own and characters who wouldn't exist if I didn't dream them into being.

4. I love words. I love the intrinsic beauty of the word and I love the beauty it creates. I love being able to paint a picture with words.

5. Authors influence the feelings of others. With my words, I can make others smile or cry, feel solidarity or isolation, love or hate.

6. Authors influence the thoughts of others. With my words, I can help others see different points of view. They may never agree with me or my characters, but I can help them come to understand us, and by extension, those around them.

7. Authors are immortal. Years after I am gone, somewhere there will be a record of the things which run through my mind.

8. Authors are omnipotent. There comes a time in life when you realise how powerless you really are. But as an author you're the head honcho. You can make your world as you see fit. You can make your characters do as you choose. You might have to tailor some of your whims if you want to publish, but I guarantee you still have a ton more control over what you write than what you live.

9. Authors get paid to daydream. This has got to be the perfect "job" for me. I spend all my days daydreaming anyhow. All day, every day. How much more productive would it be for me to get paid for it! :)

10. Authors get quoted! Just imagining someone writing in a term paper or essay, "Claire Gittens says..." give me the tingles. Me- an authority! Woo hoo!

11. Authors get to be hermits. I must admit I really like hermitdom. I love shutting myself off from the world and burying myself in an imaginary world. I would do this from time to time, regardless of profession, but being an author gives me a legitimate reason.

12. I would really love to have one of my books made into a movie. The thought of Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry or Orlando Bloom as a character I've written: PALPITATIONS!!!

13. I don't have a choice. Words follow me, characters talk to me, stories beg to be written. It's hard, if not impossible, to ignore your own imagination. So by default, authorhood here I come!

And there you have it, MY 13 reasons why!


Marsha Sigman said...

This is a beautiful list! I could not do better than that, you said it perfectly! Love the blog.

Linguista said...

Wow! Thanks Marsha! Means a lot coming from a blogger pro!