Friday, December 18, 2009

FoF! A country a meal, a princess for real!

Hi my name is Claire and I'm a travelaholic!

I don't mind though. We all need our addictions, and travel is about one of the nicest ones out there.

Yesterday was an excellent day for a traveloholic like me. I had each meal in a different country (or airspace-lol).

I started out in Chiba, Japan. Chiba is right next to Tokyo, and it's where the main international airport, Narita, is located. Because my flight was an early one, 9 am, I decided to get a room in Chiba, so I wouldn't have to get up at 5 and spend 2 hours on the train.

Breakfast was Japanese -Western. Japanese Western is a style of breakfast that exists only in Japan. It's a combination of a few Japanese items, along with what the Japanese THINK a Western breakfast includes.

So the breakfast buffet included miso soup, salmon, spaghetti and fruit salad. I ate in a hurry, and hopped a free shuttle bus to the airport.

I flew Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong, where I picked up this yummness at a Taiwanese restaurant.

This meal cost me 500 yen- which is a little less than $5 US. In the airport! Everything is so cheap in Asia! And I managed to live in the ONLY expensive country . Ugh!

After lunch, it was off to another Cathay Pacific flight for Perth. They gave me two full meals, and a snack on the 7 hour flight. If I had known, I would not have filled up on food in Hong Kong. But it's an Asian airline, so I really should have known better. Asian airlines are tops! I've always had a full meal, everytime I fly an Asian airline. Even on an hour flight from Mumbai to Chennai in India. But that was a 5 star airline...

Anyhow, Cathay Pacific, even came around and gave us chocolate-coated ice cream pops! Seriously- ASIA ROCKS!

That was after the first meal. And here's the second meal of the flight.

Main course was chicken and rice. The fruit cup was apple, watermelon and some white fruit with little black seeds whose name I don't know.

Apart from the meals, the tv programming kept me very happy. I've never been on an Asian airline where I didn't have a personal tv screen and get to choose what I watched. On the first flight I watched Public Enemies (yay! I went to the cinema a few nights ago and saw something else instead of that) and Watchmen in Italian. On the second flight I saw High School Musical, Corpse Bride, and Enchanted in Italian. There's nothing like watching musicals to make a girl ridiculously happy. Or at least, this girl, who lives in a fairy tale world 8 days a week. :)

And Disney's Enchanted??? I'd never seen it before, but it's "That's how you know" is my alarm tone on my cellphone (which by the way is Disney, so I get cool perks like Disney music, and a disney email adress :) .

Note the little Mickey Mouse in the upper right corner.

Doesn't it just look too cute and Disney? I love it to pieces. But I digress...

Enchanted- the story of an animated princess who gets thrown into the real world, by the evil Witch/Queen. I watched it in Italian- just because I could, and because I love the way "That's how you" sounds in Italian.

Dille che l'ami

The lyric which pops to mind is "Ogni donna sogna d'incontrare il vero amore" - Every girl dreams of finding true love. If that doesn't bring out the 6 year old girl in you, what will?

Disney and Italian should be an illegal combination! I feel like a princess! The sun will always shine. "Sempre splende il sole!"

Especially in Australia, where it's summer and not snowing, like it was when I left Japan.

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JewliaGoulia said...

Wow I can't believe the food they gave you on the plane ride. Geeze! I been overseas (not to Asia) many times and have never gotten that kind of service. :)

Your phone is SO cute! My sister used to be head over heels for Disney. I never got into it much because I was the tomboy of the family. Nowadays my sisters and I do on occasion get together to relive our childhood through old Disney movies though. Memories.

Sigh. . . Australia. I was there for a month once. Simply beautiful and warm. Now I am in Milwaukee, WI (USA) where it has been -15 windchill and chances of snow and freezing rain. :(