Monday, December 7, 2009

Western Media

Most days, I like Japan just fine, but I miss certain Western amenities. Like central heating, for example. You'd think a prefecture which has subzero temperatures for more than half the year would have more in the way of preventing hypothermia. Instead, we heat our PAPER and WOOD houses with kerosene "stoves". It's like going on a camping trip from November to May!

But on rare occasions, Japan gets it right. Or at the very least Japan does not get it wrong.
One of these occasions is the media frenzy. I hate when a celebrity does something, inconsequential or not, and it needs to take up 36 hours of consecutive news coverage on all the news channels, and be featured on every local news show for the next 3 weeks.

Seriously??? X celebrity did Y. PERIOD. That's all I need to know. Move on folks!

But I guess I'm in the minority. The media runs on advertising. So somebody is clearly watching it, or they wouldn't be broadcasting.

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