Saturday, December 19, 2009

Night out on the sleepy little town

Perth is a sleepy little town.

There's no two ways about it. It's the smallest big city in Australia. It's spread out, and it's quiet. But it's nice. All the conveniences of a big city with none of the hassle. (Sounds like an ad, eh?)

Last night I went out with my Uncle and his girlfriend.

Me and "Uncle" Tim- he's 5 years older than me

Me and Al, Tim's girlfriend

I thought the dress fit rather nicely, even after all my agonising, but I still need to get in some sort of shape. And no, spherical is not an acceptable shape!

And here are the cutesy shoes I bought to wear with it. They were so comfy. Simple and sweet- which is great because I'm not a girl very often.

So we waited for Al to finish work, and we left home at about 11, to head into Central perth to a club called Republic. When we got to the club, there wasn't much of anything going on, so we got a couple of drinks and sat down.

A guy walked onto the stage, and started poking around on a computer. Up until then, we had thought it would be a live set, since there were drums onstage. But it was apparently a mashup set of David Bowie, The Cure and Queen. After partying for so long to Trance ( which really isn't my cup of tea) and the like, 80's rock was a welcome change. I had a blast. And Al is super crazy! I love her to pieces.

The club itself was pretty awesome.

The crowd was bouncing off the walls.

And since the place was apparently a former exotic club, there were poles and bars to hang off of.

Couldn't be Australia if there wasn't an oversized poisonous animal somewhere.

I saw this sign after the party, and just liked it, so I took a picture. I love random sign pictures. And I didn't even attempt to pronounce it.

The next item on the agenda was to go up to King's park to see the city from on high.

Here she is: Perth! In all her splendour! :)

This super-expensive, super-chic restaurant is in King's Park. I think the name of it is Francis.

This flame is kept lit at all times, and dedicated to the Australians who lost their lives in military conflicts.

The Whispering Wall: You can sit at one end and whisper and someone can hear you clearly at the other. All along the wall, are written the names of the conflicts which claimed Australian lives.

Here's the senotaph.

We hung out at King's Park for a few looking down on the strange bell tower, which was seemingly built for no reason other than the fact that some church in England gave Perth a pair of old bells, and then we headed home.

On the way, I made a new friend.

Hey there dark and handsome! YUM! Angus Beef! Another reason why Australia is too good to be true!

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