Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Call me Al Time Travel Tuesday

Some of my books came yesterday. I came home for lunch, as I sometimes do when I work at the office. It's only a 10 minute walk. (For minimal confusion, I'm at the office whenever I'm not at a school, Mondays and vacations- yes, teachers don't get vacations off here.) When I got to my door, I saw a postal notice. I was so happy, I skipped down the road, and this song popped into my head! (On a musical aside, I had pretty close to nothing to do at work today, and translated We are the World into Japanese for sheer boredom!)

Call Me Al, Paul Simon, 1986, with the Chevy Chase video. Btw, Paul Simon, next to Chevy Chase? Hee-lar!!!

Of course when you think Simon, you think Garfunkel. Here's Mrs. Robinson, from 1968

And the Sound of Silence, 1965

In 1968, we went with them to Scarborough Fair- or at least some people went. My Mom was only 13 back then, so I wasn't going anywhere ;)

They were our Bridge Over Troubled Water in 1970. I'm tempted to think this is their most well known song, but with such great hits, who knows?

And on of my faves, The Boxer from 1969, a song I feel like everyone knows but noone knows the name of.

These two had a knack for haunting melodies, and their voices were smoother than silk. This is further back than my time travel usually goes, but I'm versatile; my Mom used to be a musician. Hope you enjoy!


Sarah Enni said...

You Can Call Me Al is my FAV.
So, you aren't going to share your Japanese translation with us??

Medeia Sharif said...

Thanks for sharing these videos. I love Simon and Garfunkel and "Call Me Al." I just relived some delicious 80's memories from this.

Marsha Sigman said...

They were awesome! And love the Chevy Chase video.

Dana Sease said...

Claire, did you see the "buddy movie" on facebook that Jarlath, me and one of my students made?? Jarlath used "You Can Call me Al" as the background song while he's dancing down the road! haha

Claire Dawn said...

Omigosh Mama Dana, I had totally forgotten! It was hilarious!

Thanks guys!