Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Headliners: Jay

Next week, I'll be going to the biggest multi-genre music festival in Japan. 2 days, 2 cities, 6 stages (per city), dozens of artists. So happy!

Today's Time Travel Tuesday is dedicated to the Headliner for Tokyo's Saturday and Osaka's Sunday: Jay-Z!!!

WARNING: He's a rapper, so there's some language. But not much, cuz I'm not big on it.

I think Jay started becoming mainstream around HARD KNOCK LIFE, 1998, but he'd been around 10 years before that.

Then there was ANYTHING in 2000. Nothing like a gangsta love song. lol. Oh, can you tell that I love songs with kids singing the chorus?

I lived in Connecticut when this one came out in 2001, and it was hilarious to hear the Old Money teens adding IZZO to their words!

That same year, guys wished they had GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS, like Jay!

From 2004, DIRT OFF YOUR SHOULDER. They are still doing the dance in clubs today.

Between living in Connecticut for two years, flying to Japan, friends and family, and the fact that's one of the biggest ports (air) to the Caribbean, I've been in and out of NYC, more than anywhere else, without ever actually living there. But the only time I've ever wished I was a New Yorker, was the first time I heard Empire State of Mind, 2009, with Alicia Keys. I just happened to be standing in club in Manhattan at the time. By the way, chartwise, this is Jay's most successful single, hitting #1 on at least 3 US charts, and top tens in at least 6 other countries.

Hope you enjoyed!


Alleged Author said...

SO jealous of you getting to go to the festival. We have one called Coachella here, and it is amazing!

ElbieNy25 said...

You've mentioned that festival from time to time and I know you were conflicted at one point because it was at the same time as your Writer's Conference. Then you're passport evaporated. They say everything happens for a reason...