Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Youtube dance mix- TTT

Last week, when I flashbacked to Queen, I found Ice Ice Baby and when I clicked on it, the recommends were the BESTEST collection of 80's/90's dance/rap EVER!!! Unfortunately embedding was blocked left, right and centre, so if you want to see original videos, you'll have to head over to youtube yourself :(

First up, Vanilla Ice and Ice Ice Baby- 1989. Vanilla Ice claims that it was the highest selling rap single ever with over 40 million sold!

Karma Chameleon by Culture Club (Boy George) from 1983

Snow sang Informer back in 1992

Sir Mixalot's Baby Got Back from 1992

And the original baggy pants man, MC Hammer told us U Can't Touch this in 1990.

Here's the original Mr. Linky, if you want to check out the music vids I couldn't embed, and if you don't believe that youtube did this all on it's own. lol. As if I could even make this up :)


ElbieNy25 said...

Excellent choices Claire. How about some Will Smith though? Is he not "old school" enough for you? lol

Alleged Author said...

Omigosh "Informer"! He sang so fast I couldn't figure out the lyrics. Thank God for MTV because they printed the words every time they showed the video!

Claire Dawn said...

AA, I thought Informer was hilarious. Might just be the most successful "white" reggae song ever :D

Laura, I was trying to think of one for next week. Thanks!

姿柯瑩柯dgdd憶曾g智曾 said...
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