Thursday, July 1, 2010

Upcoming Interviews and INSANITY DAY 4!!!

Hello Beautiful People!

Welcome to those of you who've joined me in the last few months. It's great to have you!

First: Tuesday's Nathan Packet Winner! Alleged Author! AA, email me at muchlanguage (at) email (dot) com with your address and name.

If you were around in April you might remember that I started a feature "Talk Back Thursday" where I interviewed a few authors. You might also have noticed I haven't done any interviews in a while. But good news, Belle (bellay, the plural of bella, Italian for beautiful and not bell, French for beautiful) I'm working on lining up some new interviews. If I have my way (and I never do but a rabbit can dream, can't she?) they'll be starting to appear in late July. I'm looking forward to it. I enjoy this whole interview process entirely too much.

Onto INSANITY Day 4!

Remember you can win up to twice, and you have until 11.59 pm Thursday night to enter.

Today is the Debut Author Packet!
There are so many fantab debut authors, that this was honestly a very tough choice. I will admit to an incredible amount of bias towards my name and French in the same title. Well, we all have our faults. lol.

To win, two things.
1. What are your fave genres to read?
2. Are there any authors who's debut you're really looking forward to? (For me, in order of release dates, Kiersten White, Kody Kepplinger, Lisa Descrochers, and Stephanie Perkins.)

Good luck to all!


Alleged Author said...

I sent you my email! Thank you so much! I know I can't win again, but I like this question. :)

I will read any genre and have favorites in each one (it's so hard to choose!). I cannot wait for Mockingjay to come out (Collins). It's taking forever!

Tawna Fenske said...

Oooh, I love contests!

1) Fave genre would have to be romantic comedy (which is probably why I write it) but I also love a good mystery and the occasional erotica title thrown in for good measure.

2) I'm definitely looking forward to Kiersten White's PARANORMALCY (and not just because she's my agency sistah). Also can't wait to get my hands on Sean Ferrell's NUMB.


Marsha Sigman said...

Great book selections!!!

I love to read paranormal/supernatural, mainly YA but adult too.

Debuts I am eagerly awaiting are Kiersten's Paranormalcy (hello? isn't everyone?) and Lisa and Laura Roecker's 'Liar Society' and also Carrie Harris' Bad Taste in Boys.

Natalie Aguirre said...

My fave genre is definitely fantasy.

I can't wait to read Kiersten's Paranormalcy, Holly Cupala's Tell Me a Secret, Elana Johnson's Control Issues, etc. Thanks for the contest.